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Bitter_Director1231 t1_jbopu1h wrote

This happens way more frequently. The worse part is how long this has been going on and black homeowners took the brunt. Sad.


greenglasstree t1_jbplh5v wrote

I would like to see this study replicated with paid actors who are Latino, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, etc. My instinct tells me that appraisers treat these homeowners just as poorly as African Americans, but I would like to see data.


MustLoveAllCats t1_jbpz2gf wrote

Appraisers treat Latinos even worse, strangely enough. The article only mentioned Blacks, Latinos, and Whites though.


SewSewBlue t1_jbr0n45 wrote

I've seen this. My husband is Mexican, I am white. Had the house appraised twice over a 2 year period for reasons. The one where I was home alone was a good appraisal. The one where my husband was also home was a good $100k under value. Market was going crazy the last 2 years but my house only increased in value by $35k?

The guy had a chilly attitude toward as well, that the first guy did not have.