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Additional-Force-795 OP t1_jclqted wrote

It should be and likely will be.

The reality is these people probably have most of their net worth tied to their homes and don’t have the cash to just abandon it… even if only for a short time.


mces97 t1_jclu8a4 wrote

I understand. The government should come down on Northfork Southern quickly, so people can leave. Even if that means being put into hotels.


SoftlySpokenPromises t1_jcof7bo wrote

I honestly feel like Northfolk should be forced to pay the people affected far above going rate for the land and be forced to rehab it. That shit is incredibly unsafe and it could linger for a long time.


5AlarmFirefly t1_jcvw968 wrote

But but! They've already contributed $7.3 million to the people of East Palestine! (ie $1,460 per person). That should be more than enough, right?

/s get fucked Norfolk Southern.


femtoinfluencer t1_jcpwpk6 wrote

> The government should come down on Northfork Southern quickly,

Pretty sure the party in power just busted up a rail worker strike, so no, that won't be happening.


[deleted] t1_jcp03md wrote

I agree with the should, but the will remains to be seen.

We could learn a thing or two from the French. There should be state-wide riots in OH and PA about this.