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008Zulu t1_jclue2a wrote

The CEO should eat the dirt to prove it's safe.


Dieter_Knutsen t1_jcm88bs wrote

I have a better idea. Force him to eat the "safe" levels of dioxin in his food and water for the rest of his life. It's fine, right?


Raspberries-Are-Evil t1_jcm7j3z wrote

The CEO should be arrested and put on trial for the amount of destruction he caused by cutting corners on safety to make more profit.

The company should be given the corporate death penalty and liquidated. The money should be put into a trust for all the future cancer treatment needed by the people.

There is a difference between an accident and criminal negligence. If the company can show they exceeded the regulations for safety and this was a fluke accident, that's one thing, but these mother fuckers gave MILLIONS to Republicans and they returned the favor in 2018 by removing safety regulations for them.


Otto-Korrect t1_jcm5yft wrote

Even better, bury him under 6 feet of it and a demonstration of corporate responsibility.