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_neutral_person t1_jbp2ul7 wrote

> If they woulda kept it in believable amounts, didn’t flash the money around, and kept it off their own personal cards they might have gotten away with it.

The article clearly states the 1 million dollar charge is what got her busted. Considering she went into super felony territory I wonder what her long term game plan was? College and a normal life was over. IRS would eventually question how someone with a 20k income bought a Tesla. Should've bought a house in another country and left.


Mr_Diesel13 t1_jbrvz1d wrote

If she did what another said and bought it on a credit card, then refunded to the CC to pay it off, would the IRS know?


Nolsoth t1_jbskosy wrote

If the IRS was investigating they would pick it up for sure, but if you weren't on the IRS radar then clearly no.