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Boofaholic_Supreme t1_jbtggye wrote

Thankfully the travel site did! Only had to borrow ~$500. BoA was completely inflexible


GTdspDude t1_jbtgnvf wrote

Oh wow so you couldn’t run the card 2x (edit: or rather I’m surprised that failed)? I was thinking I could see how they’d block one large transaction over the limit, but 2 transactions below the limit and a balance below limit might go through.


Boofaholic_Supreme t1_jbtk93x wrote

It was one of those experiences that left me feeling like I was in the Twilight Zone. I’m guessing at that time (early 2017 now that i think of it) while the $3K transaction was being attempted, BoA calculated my available credit as $credit limit minus the $ i’d charged and not paid, but the charged amount couldnt be negative. The $1K prepayment was completely cleared and on the app said -$1000 balance and once the $2500 transaction owed balance was the correct $1500 with $1000 left to spend. It just took a couple days post-transaction. Too long to wait hence borrowing and using another card for the remainder. It just seemed to be a really stupid feature during the authorization &/or processing end of things.

The conversations with BOA’s employees were what really left me scratching my head and doubting reality but I no longer remember many details of them. It was a lot of “that’s another department,” among whatever else.


GTdspDude t1_jbtof87 wrote

Yeah that sounds miserable, but I’m sure those employees also likely had nothing useful they could do for you as I imagine you stumbled into a series of SW if/then loops that took you down this bad path.

This is one reason why (if you have self control) it’s useful to increase credit limits (another being keeping utilization %’s low) - often times people ask “why bother, I don’t need it”.

Edit: not as a commentary on you by the way, just general observation - your situation I’d just log as unfortunate