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Nick_crawler t1_jcffoqg wrote

Why does this article not include a picture of the cute tiny backpack?


Thor4269 t1_jcfh4ur wrote

This article has a picture from one of them (think the first time)


Nick_crawler t1_jcfhzvg wrote

Appreciated, but I hope the second time actually put in the effort to make little straps instead of tape. I think the pigeons would appreciate looking more fashionable.


birdlawprofessor t1_jcfxoq3 wrote

But the backpack does have tiny shoulder straps. They’re just tucked under his feathers so hard to see. Taping drugs to birds is a horribly inefficient way to traffic narcotics. Ask me how I know…


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ICBanMI t1_jcidwez wrote

That person has a PHD in Birdtapologigy. They are also wanted in 9 states for animal cruelty for taping birds to furniture, houses, buildings, and just about any other large object. They have indisputability proved that a pigeon can not be use as a pack animal, construction equipment, and wall dressing.


mces97 t1_jci20rd wrote

Well I won't ask, but for large scale operations sure. For a tiny amount to get into a prison? I'm not in support of drugs being flown into prison, but I gotta give credit for ingenuity.


hsizeoj t1_jci0u2f wrote

I was also saddened by the backpack. Idk why I was expecting tiny jansports


Upbeat-Bandicoot4130 t1_jcfuk31 wrote

“customs officials already knew pigeons were being used to smuggle drugs, but this was the first time they had caught a bird in the act.”

Trained by Roadrunner and Wiley E. Coyote.


teplightyear t1_jcjepqr wrote

>In December, a pigeon wearing a backpack carrying crystal meth was found in the yard at Pacific Institution. Both pigeons were later released.

They mention in the article that the pigeon will just fly to its home base if they release it... then they just release it. It's STILL a viable smuggler for the prisoners. Hell, there's no way to no if it's actually two pigeons. They may have just caught the same pigeon twice and released it twice. Top security at this prison.


Zkenny13 t1_jcjh5cn wrote

What are they supposed to do? It's likely the person doing it has to come to retrieve the pigeon so it would be easier to catch them.


teplightyear t1_jcjhecv wrote

I've got a feeling this isn't going to go over well, but you have to put the pigeon down. That's what happens to animals when stupid humans train them to do inappropriate shit or otherwise interfere with their wild existence. There's no chance of us making pigeons extinct from putting down every pigeon that's being used as a drug mule for prisons, I'm quite certain. Otherwise, they're probably not going to catch the pigeon every single time, and drugs are going to get into the prison.


Zkenny13 t1_jcjhz8f wrote

I don't think you understand. That pigeon doesn't take drugs out of the prison it takes them in. It will only fly back to the prison if it is taken away from it. If it isn't taken away from the prison it won't be used to smuggle drugs.


teplightyear t1_jcji4hc wrote

I do understand... I don't think you understand THAT WAS ALWAYS THE PLAN. They smuggle the pigeon OUT of the prison by whatever means they have, then it gets loaded full of drugs and flies back into the prison. If the guards catch it and release the damn thing, it flies back to the prison and they can smuggle it out to load up with drugs again. This will continue happening for as long as the pigeon is alive. If you don't kill the pigeon, now you're playing pigeon games forever.


schwatto t1_jck2urg wrote

Why don’t they just follow the pigeon to the home base and catch the drug dealer that way?


teplightyear t1_jcl45v4 wrote

They already caught the pigeon at the home base. The home base is the prison.


Impeachykeene t1_jcgep9y wrote

Thanks for the pic. I was hoping for something a little more Jansport-y.


Ksh_667 t1_jcgtwn5 wrote

I think Adidas will see a marketing opportunity here.


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_jchcaho wrote

They blended it in really well with the pigeon's natural colors. Though the edges could have been lightened up a touch. I'm guessing they don't tailor the paint job to the individual bird.


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Thor4269 t1_jcgdk88 wrote

Meant the first time they caught a pigeon with a backpack... But apparently it happens a lot

Anyway, they wanted a pic so location is less relevant than the method and an example of the backpacks used


alias241 t1_jckqo5b wrote

the second photo where the pigeon is chilling on the desk and laying plops is so cute.


Chardradio t1_jcgeugk wrote

It says homemade, but I'll bet it was an Osprey pack.