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fearlesslalready t1_jd3vl2d wrote

It was worse than 6.5(I was affected by it), and it lasted for longer than usual too. But thankfully there wasn't any major destruction.


Canis_Familiaris t1_jd3wbm9 wrote

It's kinda in a rural area, so that helps.


fearlesslalready t1_jd3ynh5 wrote

it hit the urban areas just as hard


pegothejerk t1_jd40txh wrote

Here’s the closest areas to the epicenter according to USGS

Jurm, Badakhshan, Afghanistan 40.2 km (25 mi) NNWPopulation: 12106

Ashkāsham, Badakhshan, Afghanistan 52.6 km (32.7 mi) ENEPopulation: 12120

Ishqoshim, Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan 60.9 km (37.9 mi) ENEPopulation: 26000

Fayzabad, Badakhshan, Afghanistan 75 km (46.6 mi) NNWPopulation: 44421

Farkhār, Takhar, Afghanistan 100.3 km (62.3 mi) WPopulation: 10480