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DevoidHT t1_jd59uqi wrote

Is it just me or are there more earthquakes this year than normal? Does anyone have stats on this? Like I’m not sure if it’s just more earthquakes being reported or if it’s actually more frequent.


byllz t1_jd5iu4v wrote

Usually, an earthquake like this would hardly have hit the international news. People are currently on edge about earthquakes because of the Turkey one. That being said, there are usually about one 7.0 or higher earthquakes per month. So far this year, there have been 6.


Spore_monger t1_jd5j398 wrote

Yeah everyone's pretty shaken, but you can't really fault them. Tectonic.


Payinchange t1_jd656qx wrote

Tectonic refers to the plates in the earth’s crust, not to be confused with Belgian superband Technotronic, whose 1989 single “Pump Up The Jam” rose to number two on the UK’s billboard charts.