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He had a red background. A red background!


pickleer t1_jcspwht wrote

What's the point of "AMERICA FIRST" rhetoric if the guy spouting it was paid by Putin to say it, reveled in getting pissed on by a whore while Putin's goons filmed it, and that guy was the POTUS?

Let's please deal with that treasonous behavior before we turn to whatever Biden bullshit you claim to have seen.

Also, you might want to check the truthiness (spelling? do y'all alternies spell it "truthyness"? Sorry, don't know, no confusion meant!) of your sources- what did Biden do vs. what did you get told he did? I mean, you DO verify your sources, so you've got media accountability on your end of things, don't have to worry about all this "fake media" shite, right?


Specialist-Driver-80 t1_jcu3hya wrote

Did you mean to reply to me?


pickleer t1_jcvpi3e wrote

Glad you asked!

No, now that I'm rereading this, I don't think I did!

Sure am glad you unfuxed that confusion, points on the board for Humans that Communicate!