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Mushroom_Tip t1_jcrr0n9 wrote

Posts on 4chan, lives with mom, anti-government. Seems about right. Probably thinks women won't sleep with him because of feminism too.


cattastrophiccc t1_jcttd69 wrote

See also: lives in New Jersey


WirelessBCupSupport t1_jcvf1nr wrote

See also: South Brunswick, NJ. And mom complains is stinks like a gym locker. Sorry Mom, that is dried schmegma you smell.


edingerc t1_jcrun19 wrote

Dude looks like he's been chained in a basement for 20 years and fed nothing but Hot Pockets.


R_V_Z t1_jcshcb4 wrote

The biggest surprise of his arrest footage was that he came down the stairs instead of up.


theharleyquin t1_jctn317 wrote

Florida typically doesn’t have basements - otherwise yeah I’d agree with that


bdizzzzzle t1_jcs87ax wrote

Hooooooot Pockeeets


psycospaz t1_jcu80x6 wrote

Ya know, I wish people wouldn't judge people based upon how they look, I've known a guy who looks very similar to this guy for years and hes an awesome guy. He likes how he looked but recently shaved and cut his hair because HR at his job told him that his looks "might cast the buisness In bad light".


pickleer t1_jcs96lg wrote

Well, when you have a President who dog-whistled (and continues to whistle) to his supporters that their fear and hatred of Jews, asians, immigrants, blacks, women's rights, and the LGBTQ+ populations are valid, what do you expect?


SecretAntWorshiper t1_jctcy3c wrote

The governor also supports it too


pickleer t1_jcvpkdj wrote

Ummm, multiple governors. And former and...

God DAMN, this is a depressing place, our country...


baxterstate t1_jcuvmx8 wrote

Uh, there are Jews in Trumps family.


mces97 t1_jcvg7zp wrote

Well there ain't too many in Saudi Arabia, but that didn't stop the Saudis from giving Jared Kushner 2 billion dollars.


baxterstate t1_jcxez4j wrote

Um, Israel was very pro Trump. One left leaning Israel news outlet said that if Israel were a state in the U.S., it would be the reddest state in the union.

There are many negative things to be said about Trump. Anti semitism isn’t one of them.


[deleted] t1_jcsetmg wrote



[deleted] t1_jcsk45m wrote



[deleted] t1_jctelwb wrote

He had a red background. A red background!


pickleer t1_jcspwht wrote

What's the point of "AMERICA FIRST" rhetoric if the guy spouting it was paid by Putin to say it, reveled in getting pissed on by a whore while Putin's goons filmed it, and that guy was the POTUS?

Let's please deal with that treasonous behavior before we turn to whatever Biden bullshit you claim to have seen.

Also, you might want to check the truthiness (spelling? do y'all alternies spell it "truthyness"? Sorry, don't know, no confusion meant!) of your sources- what did Biden do vs. what did you get told he did? I mean, you DO verify your sources, so you've got media accountability on your end of things, don't have to worry about all this "fake media" shite, right?


Specialist-Driver-80 t1_jcu3hya wrote

Did you mean to reply to me?


pickleer t1_jcvpi3e wrote

Glad you asked!

No, now that I'm rereading this, I don't think I did!

Sure am glad you unfuxed that confusion, points on the board for Humans that Communicate!


pickleer t1_jcspdzf wrote

We're both thinking you knew you were full of shit when you wrote this, right? Because... I've seen videos of you idiots lapping up any damn thing your dog-whistlers feed you and more.

I (and other folks who follow and preach the American gospel of freedom and equality for All Motherfucking People, not just the ones who look like you or fuck like you or fear or vote or work like you) don't care about Biden as much as we care about elected officials who do their jobs well instead of squirrel off to the side when confronted with their fuckuppery and blame other people who clearly are not at blame.

Oh, and it's very important to me, and a large number of your neighbors as well, that our elected officials are not receiving money, influence, and direction from our greatest national antagonists, who also are punking and bullying a huge number of weaker states on the national scale.


EvangelineOfSky t1_jcsoqvp wrote

Is this the poster child of overweight social media edgelord that the videos of the arrest was going around?


Saito1337 t1_jcth50h wrote

Very much so. This dude is the face of the "master race" of internet trolls now. Utterly pathetic.


EvangelineOfSky t1_jctlasx wrote

You know how edgelord internet trolls just love to react with an ugly sojack when you say something they dont like?

Think we can create a caption of this dude to serve as the "mocking edgelord internet trolls" macro?


mdjak1 t1_jcrtrpr wrote

New Jersey man trying to become a Florida man - in a Florida prison that is.


ArchonofMercy t1_jcugqvy wrote

Floridian here, talk to our Sheriff's with respect and 99.5% of the time you won't even get a ticket, even when your wrong.

Talk shit and you somehow fall down a few flights of stairs at the 1 story jailhouse. They will not tolerate shitheads here.


BarCompetitive7220 t1_jcspsrd wrote

This is the new Republican Party. This should have all elected Republicans embarrassed, emphasis on SHOULD. GOP supposedly stand for law/order and yet they will embrace this 4chan dude.


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RubberPny t1_jcrc7qb wrote

He looks like the average reddit mod even. Lol. Actual neck beard.


Ha1rBall t1_jcrdljo wrote

Thin line between what a Reddit mod, and a 4chan user look like.


peter-doubt t1_jcrboid wrote

NJ... Is far less lenient on this than most places.. he should have gone out of State

(I'm glad he didn't)


Ha1rBall t1_jcrdiub wrote

> NJ... Is far less lenient on this than most places

Is that why he got arrested, and not the thousands of other online death threats?


peter-doubt t1_jcrfrr1 wrote

Which >thousands of other online death threats?

Tell us (asking for a friend)


Ha1rBall t1_jcrjbqp wrote

Since I am sure that your friend has some broken fingers and therefore cannot type, here is one of the first links that pops up.


peter-doubt t1_jcrl0cd wrote

Okay.. show me where NJ is involved.. this is typical NY Post (News Corp) tribal reporting.


Ha1rBall t1_jcrpt7d wrote

Did you read my first post that you replied to? Or are you just trolling? I'm leaning towards you being a troll.


Grogosh t1_jcrhnz1 wrote

He made death threats against a sheriff, of course they went after him


Ha1rBall t1_jcrj0vr wrote

Why not all the people on Twitter, or on here that make death threats on more important public figures? Makes no sense.


Brewmaster30 t1_jctwbwi wrote

The Sheriff draws a lot a water to this town, you don’t draw shit Lebowski