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100% agree. When people say “defund the police” this is generally what they mean. Take a sizable chunk of their budget and create/support these types of programs.


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Yes. Denver's already doing exactly what you said. It's working well. Here's an article on it from the Denver Post.


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Yes but the rest of the state is still fucked. We're in the four corners area and my wife had a panic attack 4 years ago. She was arrested and spent 5 fucking days locked up without her essential medicine. She was 62 when this happened.


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No she was in jail. There's no psychological help down here. She was never put in a cell to have a pallet to sleep or sit on because they expected her to have a seizure due to Taki g her off medication abruptly.


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If someone is behaving erratically and it can't be ascertained whether they are concealing a weapon, how do we keep mental health experts safe?