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Prophet_Tehenhauin t1_jdizlmr wrote

THey had an offer of 23% 2 days ago when the striking began, they rejected, and in context that's up from $25,000 in Los Angeles California, where they've been working WITHOUT a contract for almost 3 years now. Also that 23% number is just what was released by the district(against the confidentiality agreement they entered into with the negotiation team) to hurt the cause of the strikers.

It clearly hasn't been working at all and they need to take more more meaningful steps. The district is just fucking with them


DankDuke t1_jdkwd0j wrote

23% sounds like an insane amount to most people. Until they see what the yearly total is. They deserve more, and that's very obvious.

Edit: I don't think I disagree with any of your views here, just trying to clarify that their 23% is totally different than a 23% for anyone else. Teachers are getting fucked and it's time they get what they deserve; more money.


mtarascio t1_jdj3co9 wrote

Working isn't the past tense, it's present.

The strikes action ramped up, the offer ramped up. It's still a working process.

Edit: They just got what they want.

Good work downvoters.