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AeroZep t1_jdkfbm0 wrote

I really hope his casket has an Intel Inside sticker on it. RIP


unsaltedbutter t1_jdk9liz wrote

Moore's Law is named after him:


JoeBoredom t1_jdkaori wrote

Quoth the raven neverMoore.


metaTaco t1_jdkaja0 wrote

Massively influential in forming the world we live in today. Worth perusing his Wikipedia if you know nothing about him other than being the namesake of Moore's law. I admire that beyond cofounding one of the most important companies ever, he was also an excellent physicist as well.


dt43 t1_jdl5dry wrote

And one of the top philanthropists. He and Betty make the world a better place.


Zeduca t1_jdkawhz wrote

The Moore of the Moore’s Law, no less.


bk15dcx t1_jdkjvrh wrote

In addition to Moore’s seminal role in founding two of the world’s pioneering technology companies, he famously forecast in 1965 that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every year – a prediction that came to be known as Moore’s Law.

“All I was trying to do was get that message across, that by putting more and more stuff on a chip we were going to make all electronics cheaper,” Moore said in a 2008 interview.


thunk_stuff t1_jdkl47f wrote

Aged like Pentium 4 scaling.


irk5nil t1_jdms8l7 wrote

I would say 'Sick burn!' but I'm too busy extinguishing the fire caused by my Pentium 4, sorry for that.


bouchert t1_jdkq27v wrote

Moore's Law was widely overapplied beyond his initial observation, but still was a remarkably reliable rule of thumb for many types of exponential technological growth, even if eventually it became aspirational to keep it going as long as possible.

What a life, born the same year Shottky published his findings on semiconductors, and lived to see and help make possible all of this.


orange-bitflip t1_jdl5dol wrote

Thank you Mr. Moore for bringing in this Science Reality. Rest in peace.


Realtrain t1_jdl7xr0 wrote

One of the absolute titans of the computer industry.

I was actually surprised to see someone with such early impact was still around. It must have been amazing to see everything that was built upon his early work.


KnudsonRegime t1_jdl19gg wrote

Lived to see his prediction remaining valid. He’ll be positively incorrigible in the afterlife.


TheCoolDean t1_jdme1q4 wrote

I will be forever grateful for all the work you have done.


_blue_skies_ t1_jdm0pe1 wrote

Few people could say something like "You know that law of Moore that is always on newspaper, that's me" , not that he would have said it, but he could.