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AudibleNod t1_jckz8cf wrote

For kidnapping children!

They're focusing on this and not, more militarily focused war crimes, like killing POWs. So that's still on the table. It's also a very easy sell, politically. Nations can quibble about military actions all day long. But kidnapping children is going to be hard for talking heads to defend.


EvangelineOfSky t1_jcl2u8q wrote

It makes sense.

The Kidnapping Children is something thats pretty much impossible to defend by even the most seasoned propegandists.. its also the easiest to objectively prove

It prevents the "ohh hes actually the victim yada yada" bullcrap

meanwhile, if he is arrested on that warrant, they can then begin slapping him with other related charges..


avaslash t1_jcmxa2n wrote

My fear is that Russias solution will be to destroy all evidence of the children who were taken. And in Russias case that very likely means the Children who were taken themselves.


UNOvven t1_jclaezd wrote

They seem to be focusing on whats easy to sell, and importantly, easy to prove. An execution of a PoW could well be the case of rogue soldiers, which is hard to pin on Putin exactly (even if we all know he is responsible). But something on this scale has to have come through official channels, so easy to stick the charges.


Cfp0001-Iceman t1_jcnyv64 wrote

War crimes anywhere near combat are essentially impossible to prove. Killing PoW is actually legal if they cannot be safely captured and detained without affecting their ability to defend themselves.

You'd have to prove that Russians were fully capable of keeping them prisoner without risking their lives. You don't have take anyone prisoner if holding them is risk.

War crimes are more a wish list than rules with teeth.


CommandoLamb t1_jcly0kr wrote

Incoming republicans who will claim these children wanted to be Russian and Putin is just liberating them.


thedeathmachine t1_jcmafb6 wrote

If the US cannot find a way to get traitors like Tucker Carlson imprisoned, there is no way the US has a future as a free country. The word traitor essentially means nothing if it doesn't describe people like Tucker Carlson


Ok_Cranberry_1936 t1_jcs6gwd wrote

>They're focusing on this and not, more militarily focused war crimes, like killing POWs

This first sentence shows you don't know whats happening. Kidnapping these children is a form of Genocide. The take these kids back to Russia, raise them as Russians and the kids will forget about their parents and their homeland. What they have done is sinister to the nth degree.

Don't get me wrong, obviously killing POW's is a war crime, and is despicable. But killing people who (generally) sign up for war is much different than brainwashing innocent children.


Lo8000 t1_jcxgu79 wrote

Putin maybe: I had the children evacuated because of the rerrible terrible war that is ongoing and is forced upon me by the west.

Children are our future and contrary to our enemies I am not willing to endanger their lives in this needless needless war that our foes are pursuing.

I have goodwill to prevent such disaster but the opposing forces do everything unreasonably in their power to work against me.

Edit: putin doesn't have reddit, does he? I swear to god, if he uses my words to justify his actions I will sue for royalties.


Serenafriendzone t1_jclfh3l wrote

Obama is proud to had killed 1 millions child with bombs in middle east. Why is he free.or George bush ahh


AudibleNod t1_jclh8e3 wrote

Oh, we're at the whataboutism section of the thread. OK.

Obama and George W Bush are free, in part, because the Iraq and Aghanistan invasions had tacit support of the United Nations. Furthermore, the United States provides about 24% of the UN budget as well as about 16% of NATO's budget. It's a member of the G7 and G20. It's part of Five Eyes. In short, the United States is the only superpower. Putin's warrant is further proof Russia isn't.

I won't justify the invasions or defend Obama or Bush's role. I'm stating a reality.


retailhusk t1_jcm5ymv wrote

A million seems like a lot. Care to back it up?


caninehere t1_jcl2bpg wrote

While Putin can just stay in Russia until the day he dies to avoid any potential arrests in other states... this is still significant, because it puts pressure on him to do so.

If things go south for him and lower ranked officials/military decide to boot Putin's ass out, he will have no safe place to escape to except other states that don't recognize the ICC authority, many of which will be far more easily pressured thru other means than Russia.

China would be the best place to escape to but if he no longer holds any power he's useless to them.


N8CCRG t1_jcl9850 wrote

It also carries significant political weight to others who consider trying to ally or back Russia. It's not backbreaking, but it's a dozen or so more tiny cuts.


soolkyut t1_jcn5yy4 wrote

Ain’t nobody making a grab at putins reins


Brilliant_Exit3406 t1_jckxyh6 wrote

Time to relieve Russia of its powers in the security council too


munchi333 t1_jclcw4e wrote

The security council exists for one reason and one reason only: to prevent WWIII.

Removing a large, powerful nuclear power would dramatically increase the likelihood of WWIII.


EvangelineOfSky t1_jclnvn9 wrote

I mean, the closest we ever got to WWIII was the Seuz Crisis, because of France and UK using their VETOs..

it was actually deescalated and world war III prevented because Canada took the issue to the General Assembly and ended up having them create the UNEF under command of E. L. M. Burns..

I just think its worth noting, the General Assembly did more to prevent WWIII than the security council ever did


munchi333 t1_jclubln wrote

World war does not abide by democratic debate.

If Russia is “removed” from the security council (which there is no legal means to do so) they would immediately leave the UN and likely throw the future of the entire UN into chaos.

It would be exactly the same as Japan leaving the League of Nations prior to WWII and would render the UN pointless. Because what would happen then? The UN would condemn Russia? So what? Would a UN coalition decide to intervene? Hello WWIII.

Hence the entire purpose of the security council: prevent direct confrontation of major powers and prevent WWIII by giving them a “do whatever you want card so long as it’s not too bad.”


Maleficent-Aioli1946 t1_jcm7pql wrote


Not to limit Canadian contributions, but the Suez Canal Crisis was ended because the US threatened to destroy the French and British economies unless they went to the negotiating table.


DistortoiseLP t1_jcnhuqb wrote

"So help me God we're gonna sell Sterling bonds until you lose your shirts if you don't pull your ass out of Egypt."


this_sort_of_thing t1_jclrshk wrote

If all the shit the UNSC powers have done since its inception has never led a member to be kicked out, this won’t either. And that list is loooong.


UNOvven t1_jclaq6d wrote

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism whatsoever to do so. Especially unfortunately its also not something any member on the security council, minus maybe France, would want.


TheJadedSF t1_jcl48g1 wrote

Meaningless but at least we can officially call Putin a wanted war criminal.


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Aurion7 t1_jcnlmap wrote

I feel like we can drop the 'alleged' when the Russians are openly bragging about the whole kidnapping thousands of kids thing.


polloloco81 t1_jcmcbah wrote

Is Tom Cruise available to execute the arrest. All those Mission Impossible movies have trained him for a task like this.


Beepersteen t1_jcnaj02 wrote

And yet, western nations refuse to remove the terrorist nation and its ruler from the worldwide banking system.


MinorFragile t1_jcq1xip wrote

Go Ukraine. Be careful there is a lot of anti-ukraine rhetoric/sentiment being pushed in the U.S. currently.

Half the conservatives I know are balls deep in wanting to stop supporting ukraine. Saying we are using all our ammunition or we should be focused elsewhere.

I just don’t understand because from my perspective we are:

-dismantling the Russian military -reinforcing our defense industry -testing weapons -keeping some nations “for now” from trying some bs.


1Uplift t1_jcsaqdf wrote

Let he who hasn’t… (squints) forcibly deported thousands of children to devastate their families… throw the first stone…


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