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caninehere t1_jcl2bpg wrote

While Putin can just stay in Russia until the day he dies to avoid any potential arrests in other states... this is still significant, because it puts pressure on him to do so.

If things go south for him and lower ranked officials/military decide to boot Putin's ass out, he will have no safe place to escape to except other states that don't recognize the ICC authority, many of which will be far more easily pressured thru other means than Russia.

China would be the best place to escape to but if he no longer holds any power he's useless to them.


N8CCRG t1_jcl9850 wrote

It also carries significant political weight to others who consider trying to ally or back Russia. It's not backbreaking, but it's a dozen or so more tiny cuts.


soolkyut t1_jcn5yy4 wrote

Ain’t nobody making a grab at putins reins