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avelak t1_je5fscy wrote

The very first thing I did was reiterate the point that Tesla is near the bottom of quality rankings, like I originally stated, and then followed up by indicating that the person I was responding to was likely blinded by fandom.

It's really not being an asshole


TbonerT t1_je5hzer wrote

We can all see that you couldn’t get through a single sentence before calling someone with information you didn’t like a “fanboy” and you continue to attack them. That’s what assholes do.


avelak t1_je5imea wrote

When did I continue to attack them? All I did was provide support for my initial assertions...

If anything, you're being far more aggressive than I was when I called him a "fanboy". In fact, you've completely departed from the initial discussion and brought nothing to the table about the original points made. Maybe you should take a long look in the mirror before you just start calling random people who don't like your favorite car company assholes.