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JoeGoats t1_jdjpcuz wrote

Rest in Peace. We took my Country Boy Father to Darcelle's in Portland for his 50th birthday many years ago. It was a fun time. Her legend will live on.


jupfold t1_jdk9qwj wrote

If only more people went to see drag queens perform. Most midwest conservative men would laugh their asses off and come around. Drag queens are some of the funniest bitches out there.


nocolon t1_jdkaejc wrote

This cannot be overstated. They’re all so fucking funny and quick witted. An absolute joy to be around.


bajesus t1_jdl8lui wrote

I haven't seen a lot of drag, but what I have felt like a descendant of vaudeville and burlesque.


oldfrenchwhore t1_jdm3xd9 wrote

That’s an excellent description. I haven’t been to a show in years as the bars I went to that had them here shut down years ago. So fun.


aLittleQueer t1_jdmvzol wrote

It absolutely is. Accurate assessment. Today's drag sometimes has a feel of cartoonishness, too, which follows the same larger-than-life theme of the other forms.


Nezgul t1_jdnmuy7 wrote

Yes! What you're describing is called camp. Hilariously extreme, over the top, and most importantly, self-aware! The humor comes from queens being outrageous and poking fun at themselves through their performance, because we're all in on the joke of camp's absurdity. It's some of my favorite drag and provides a nice contrast to some of the high fashion/glam drag that a lot of queens are excelling at.


DadBodybuilder t1_jdorn2d wrote

There’s a bar in town here that does several drag performances. They seem fun, not for me, but they’re out there having a good time.


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ObiFloppin t1_jdkmump wrote

This person is literally just trying to be as shitty as they possibly can be in the comments. If I were a mod this would be the ban hammer


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ObiFloppin t1_jdksyln wrote

You're comments have consisted of calling someone an it and then shitting on women for no apparent reason. That doesn't deserve a rebuttal. It just makes you a bad person.


tscy t1_jdkn12n wrote

Yo I’m pretty sure this is sarcasm so I wanted to let you know that you did a bad job


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tscy t1_jdkoocx wrote

Weird troll, you aren’t even offensive your just kinda like, sad