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pastesale t1_jdjx4li wrote

Absolute legend and a true pioneer in Portland. Its been a local right of passage to watch her perform and she’s done so much for the LGBTQ+ community and youth. May she rest in glamorous peace.


Daahk t1_jdldl00 wrote

Genuine question coming from someone that's ignorant, had she declared that she would like to be called she? Or is that a drag queen thing in general?


RPDRNick t1_jdlgz9g wrote

Think of drag queens like characters portrayed by actors. You'd refer to Bart Simpson as he/him, but Bart's voice Nancy Cartwright as she/her.


GlowUpper t1_jdnnzj2 wrote

It's also important to note that there are exceptions to this rule (Joe Black for example uses he/him even while performing). But as a general guideline, this is correct.


pseudonympersona t1_jdlebvj wrote

Although there are trans drag queens (and kings!) for sure, general convention is to use she/her pronouns when referring to a queen's drag persona.


savorie t1_jdlzw2h wrote

RuPaul seems to go by he/him all the time, when in drag or not. I’ve never heard feminine pronouns applied to him in any context. I assume RuPaul’s a unique exception because he doesn’t have a separate character name?


MillyBDilly t1_jdnj9s5 wrote

He is an exception. In fact they have stated you can use either.


Projectrage t1_jdoq2z5 wrote

Cole was he/him when in person and she when in character.

Darcelle often said Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate drag queen because she was creating a female persona.


woofiegrrl t1_jdlnsjb wrote

The article establishes this pretty well. Walter Cole was a gay man who used male pronouns; Darcelle was a character he played who used female pronouns.


whatafuckinusername t1_jdrcrbo wrote

So why is everyone using exclusively female pronouns when it wasn’t just the drag queen who died but the man who portrayed her as well?


KingGatrie t1_jdled0r wrote

Generally you use she/her pronouns for feminine drag personas and he/him for masc personas. You are referring to the character they are acting out so pronouns don’t necessarily align with the persons gender expression.


Little-Guava666 t1_jdlwire wrote

It says in the article that while in drag as Darcelle preferred to be called she/her and while out preferred he. His name is Walter Cole, a US army vet at that!


Thriftyverse t1_jdngj3e wrote

In the article, It is mentioned that they preferred female pronouns when in drag and male pronouns when not in drag.


hangryhyax t1_jdlbqs8 wrote

I’ve lived here for a decade and never got to see her, but I also learned about her late. Now I’m sad I missed out on such a legend.

Cheers to her and all she has done!