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tydestra t1_jdlyw1h wrote

Saw friends, family and lovers die of Aids. We gay people lost an entire generation worth of people who should be seniors now during the 80s.

I'm glad they lived to see all the progress we have made even if it's hard now to see how that progress is constantly challenged


COMCredit t1_jdmwojr wrote

I'm reminded of this photo of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, which shows the absolutely stunning impact and loss that AIDS had on the community. It's absolutely heartbreaking to remember that many of those men had moved to San Francisco and found a new family after being rejected from their original communities, only to see most of their friends suffer and die in a matter of years.


tydestra t1_jdnqwmn wrote

I was 8 in 1990 and my mom's best friend is a gay dude who is like a father to me. He survived, but every other week I was hearing about him going to another funeral. I remember hearing people joke about it, assholes like Rush Limbaugh who mockingly read gay obituaries on his show.


yeatsbaby t1_jdm4ndm wrote

It’s so heartbreaking. Whenever I see an elderly gay couple, I always reflect on the amount of tragedy and loss they witnessed and endured.


cinderparty t1_jdmxagu wrote

Fuck Ronald Reagan. AIDS just needed money thrown at it to have saved so so so many lives. Once the money was there effective drugs were found pretty damn quick.


MillyBDilly t1_jdnj2b8 wrote

Ronald and every evangelical pile of garbage. Another of thousands of examples of how terrible religion is for humanity.