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Pickle_Slinger t1_jead1yb wrote


No___ImRight t1_jeag4h1 wrote

Like 20 seconds after this article got posted they updated the first sentence on the article:

>School officials at Forsyth Tech Community College in North Carolina briefly reported an active shooter incident Thursday before police said that was not the case.

Funny how like 80 different news outlets jumped on it. Gotta get them clicks for $$$$

This "jump to report first" shit is worse than the 24 hour news cycle.


cameronbrady t1_jeagdhp wrote

It was considered an active shooting when this article first went up though & it sounds like someone has been shot & transported to a local hospital


elle23nc t1_jeairl9 wrote

What a shit show. The NBC article makes it sound like the school administrators are a bunch of idiots who falsely claimed an active shooter incident. Meanwhile, the school remains on lockdown while the cops are investigating the "non-threat"?!


cameronbrady t1_jeakea5 wrote

there's rumors right now that someone shot themselves in the bathroom accidently, so that may be what you're referencing in terms of them falsely claiming an active shooter incident (since in that case it would've been an accidental shooting).

the local news is reporting that some kids who were on campus heard that someone did shoot themselves accidentally, so im curious if that ends up being true.


Generation_ABXY t1_jeb49m9 wrote

"The shooter was, at the time if the shooting, active. Now, the shooter is largely inactive."


Bebopdavidson t1_jedlb7v wrote

He was active from the moment he pulled the trigger then inactive after shooting himself in the fool lol


No___ImRight t1_jeagxz5 wrote

Media just wanted to get it out ASAP for the ad revenue/clicks.

30 years ago this would have been isolated to the local newspaper.

Now we got half the country on edge thinking it's another school shooting like Covenant or Sandy Hook.


cameronbrady t1_jeah5t8 wrote

I assume they got it out quickly as a shooting is a major event & it's important for that news to be spread around, especially in the area where it happened


[deleted] t1_jeahg0u wrote



cameronbrady t1_jeai1nd wrote

there's always a chance that someone sees it on national news that has connections to the school/area, so I personally disagree.

for example, I live very close to this school & actually attend this exact campus where this happened. I've had multiple friends and family members contact me & my mom in the last two hours making sure I'm okay because they saw it on national news.


No___ImRight t1_jeaij2j wrote

If you're from the area, is there a lot of crime? I remember Obama mentioning the college in one of his SOTU speeches.


cameronbrady t1_jeaio5j wrote

I live downtown and don't notice much at all. it's pretty safe from my personal experiences.

& Obama mentioned Forsyth Tech Community College in a speech?


No___ImRight t1_jeaj52x wrote

Yea..he made it seem like the area was your typical "factory closed and the area is rundown, but this community college shows how we can recover"

That's why I asked about crime...Obama made it seem a little destitute, but a lot can change in 10 years.

>Because people need to be able to train for new jobs and careers in today’s fast-changing economy, we’re also revitalizing America’s community colleges. Last month, I saw the promise of these schools at Forsyth Tech in North Carolina. Many of the students there used to work in the surrounding factories that have since left town.


cameronbrady t1_jeajb4y wrote

ahhh yeah things have changed a shitton here in the last 12 years. it was certainly different then, but I still don't think it was THAT bad. I didn't live here then, so I can't say from experience


No___ImRight t1_jeak78z wrote

Glad to hear it. I'm passing through this June for a vaca.

My wife wanted to stop at Sweet Potatoes (i think that was the restaurant)


Dreamscarred t1_jeb14zj wrote

Don't act dumb, use common sense, trust your gut. Winston has some sketchy areas, but they're not hard to avoid. Trade St. isn't a bad location and there are some really cool stores on that stretch.

I recommend visiting Reynolda House/Gardens and Old Salem during your visit here in June. :) Both are easily walkable in a couple hours - Old Salem not being far from Sweet Potatoes.


elle23nc t1_jeajwl9 wrote

I was a student at Forsyth Tech when Obama visited. Winston-Salem was not destitute. Community colleges just provide an alternative to universities for students to learn a trade without taking on student debt. I think that was his overall message.


No___ImRight t1_jeakk36 wrote

I think it was "Factory closed, so the workers utilized the community college to learn new skills...we should emulate this"


ScrewAttackThis t1_jeb0xhy wrote

Are you seriously trying to criticize the news for reporting the news?


HermanCainsPenis t1_jebnks8 wrote

Agreed, I cannot comprehend how that comment has 181 net upvotes. In the case of an active shooting, they would rather news outlets just not report on it until after the fact or something?


king-of-boom t1_jeciwt8 wrote

> how that comment has 181 net upvotes

Is there some way to see total up and downvotes?


moneyfish t1_jeanny3 wrote

>This "jump to report first" shit is worse than the 24 hour news cycle.

It’s not the News fault that people demand news about events in real time. Every time there’s a major event like this Reddit demands information and updates every 5 minutes. Reddit also demands that news is free with no ads. If people could chill the fuck out and wait a day, we’d probably have better news because they’d have time to sort the facts out.


EdgeOfWetness t1_jebwqoi wrote

It's much easier to blame things on "the Media", the GOP taught us all that


WalkerBRiley t1_jeb68ck wrote

Our country would be so well off if we put an end to the 24/7 news cycle and went back to news at 8 and 10.


Nebuli2 t1_jeaouqe wrote

> Funny how like 80 different news outlets jumped on it. Gotta get them clicks for $$$$

Because being the first one to report something is clearly more important than getting the facts straight. :(


thisismadeofwood t1_jebnyds wrote

Someone is paying for the news you see. It can either be you paying for quality journalism that meets your standards, or it will be someone incentivizing clickbait and whatever the advertiser wants you to see.


ivanoski-007 t1_jec7x7e wrote

There's has been a streak of trolls making false calls lately


neko_designer t1_jedh1cd wrote

To be fair. A day without a mass shooting would be weird in America


banned_in_Raleigh t1_jedd0x3 wrote

Basically what you're saying is you don't want to know even hear about it unless like 5 people are shot. 1 person shot? Not news. Next!


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_jeaiu5h wrote

It's weird how many take that as "there wasn't one"...

Like, there was a shooter, he was active, but he stopped shooting people.

So he's not an "active" shooter anymore.

No idea how people could not understand that, but it seems to be all over this thread


N8CCRG t1_jeangp4 wrote

If there's one thing I know, redditors will blame the wording as "being intentionally misleading" instead of acknowledging that it's their own error in thinking it said something different than it actually said and/or not bothering to read the article.


elle23nc t1_jeak30t wrote

Perhaps because of the way the article worded it.


SlimChiply t1_jeac7g7 wrote

WXII just reported that there is now no active shooter on campus


[deleted] t1_jeacoqs wrote



cameronbrady t1_jeadt5w wrote

not a hoax, shots were fired and someone was injured and transported to a local hospital. the school is still on lockdown.


Tanjelynnb t1_jeae5fw wrote

Sounds personal.


MeoowDude t1_jecvbmy wrote

I think this one is about as personal as it gets. Think the shooter pulled a Plaxico


Amrokmfc t1_jeah8qe wrote

Oh, well it that case it’s okay and not a big deal.



Tanjelynnb t1_jeaij51 wrote

Did I say it wasn't? All I meant was it sounded like the gunman was after one person and not rampaging around the campus. It doesn't make it better, only different.


srandrews t1_jeacu5d wrote

I think we need "no active shooter" news flashes and headlines.


MachineElfOnASheIf t1_jeaeote wrote

But when would we use them?


No___ImRight t1_jeagcsh wrote

In cases where the first statement from police is "there wasn't an active shooter"

Like in this case.


b33r_engineer t1_jeaymq4 wrote

In the very brief interludes between mass shootings. Like 5-6am, there’s usually not too many going on at that time of day.


srandrews t1_jeagdlr wrote

To know that school shootings are beginning to let up.


Limp_Distribution t1_jeafqow wrote

Are these headlines trying to warn us or numb us?


lady_lowercase t1_jebfp6j wrote

i don’t know, but this headline showed up right under the one that says, “permit to buy handgun no longer required in north carolina,” and i couldn’t help but snicker.


Cthulia t1_jeb0v55 wrote

I am a Forsyth Tech student, but I am not enrolled this semester. They have a thing called "Tech Alerts" which is a text message alert you can sign up to get, it's for stuff like bad weather campus closures, power outages, etc. Here are the two texts I received today, plus one I received yesterday:

I was just looking at classes for summer and fall semester, oof.

2:41pm: newest text sent out


blaZedmr t1_jeb12c8 wrote

This appears to be going on nationwide, it just happened today in my state:


NickDanger3di t1_jeacvbr wrote

Looks like we're at 'Today's school mass shooting'. Soon it will be 'First school mass shooting of the day'. I'm pretty sure the founding fathers would have addressed this in the second amendment, had they known how stupid our politicians would become.


danielisbored t1_jeag0gu wrote

Most of them, Jefferson especially, would be confused as hell as to why we are so doggedly trying to maintain the late 18th century version of a law, when the document was explicitly written in such a way as to make it updatable to changing political and social attitudes.


WalkerBRiley t1_jeb6obf wrote

Yea. It was meant to be a living document that changes with the times. The FF realized a rigid doctrine that couldn't be changed was a great way to cause a country to collapse in like 200-250 years.

checks watch yep...we appear to be on schedule.


sdforbda t1_jean2y1 wrote

Taking it a bit out of context one of my favorite short quotes is "Indeed I tremble for my country" as it has been so fitting over the years, unfortunately. It is truly baffling how something that was written to be a living document is treated as uneditable now.


swoletrain t1_jecy9po wrote

It's actually been edited 27 times. In fact one of those edits specifically repealed an earlier edit.


dongstrongmd t1_jeafctb wrote

I’m talking to a girl who’s currently under lockdown on the campus. They haven’t heard any updates that it’s safe yet, and the fact that they try to report that it’s under control on campus while simultaneously having no clue where these guys are is wigging me out. Haven’t heard from her in about 10 minutes.


SlimChiply t1_jeadfmu wrote

One of the cops on the scanner at one point said no press will be allowed on campus, while a WXII employee is on the scene


cameronbrady t1_jeadotb wrote

press is currently just off campus on local news, but can pretty clearly see the campus itself


BabylonianKnight t1_jebtbtj wrote

Guns dont kill people. Insane people with access to guns because a lack of gun laws kill people.

Time for gun laws and mental health programs in America


Cliff_Sedge t1_jecpi1c wrote

It's actually the bullets that kill people. It's just that in the vast majority of cases where someone died from bullet wounds, a firearm was involved.


bishcalledwanda t1_jeautlm wrote

While republicans show up to work in AK47 pins…disgraceful


Itsme_sd t1_jeb34ji wrote

Hey wasn't NC the state that less than 24 hours ago made getting a handgun permitless? That seems to be working out great!


Optinaut t1_jebavu3 wrote

Still have to go through the federal background check.


[deleted] t1_jebdbcx wrote



Optinaut t1_jebfibp wrote

I would assume so. The consequences are too severe if they don’t and get caught. Why would they take the risk?

Do you have any evidence to suggest they do not comply with the background checks?


preferrred t1_jebebxi wrote

I live 20 min away. I saw info on it like 2 minutes after the first news article dropped and the story has changed wildly. At first there were shots fired, two men who are armed and dangerous on campus and at large. Then it said there is no active threat to the community, an investigation is ongoing, and the suspects are still at large. Now it’s saying that there is no active shooter, one person injured (non critical), and no arrests have been made. Classes cancelled for the rest of the week.. and I don’t go to that school but I’m not going on my campus for the rest of the week either personally.


cameronbrady t1_jecusfw wrote

yeah it was a high schooler who was there on one of the trips to visit the school since they're nearing the end of their school year. for whatever reason, he had a gun with him and somehow shot himself in the bathroom accidentally


preferrred t1_jed8whp wrote

God I just want to yell. I am SO thankful it was not any worse than it was. It being this close to home really sent me into a spiral for a few hours I was not feeling good. That kid is a fucking idiot.


WVPrepper t1_jeaxafb wrote

School officials at Forsyth Tech Community College in North Carolina briefly reported an active shooter incident Thursday before police said that was not the case.


GarethPW t1_jeac6tr wrote

I'm resigned to the conclusion that nothing will ever be done at this point


-SaC t1_jeaewbn wrote

After Sandy Hook E: Columbine (sorry - got my mass shootings mixed up) it was obvious nobody with any power actually gave a shit over there. Now it's just...US things.


el_grort t1_jeafvf0 wrote

Columbine, tbh.

The UK clamped down with the Hungerford Massacre and then outright banmed handguns following the school shooting in Dunblane, the UK's only school shooting.

The Australians fixed things after Port Arthur.

It shouldn't reallt take more than one to mend the issue. By Sandy Hook, the US had already made its decision, it was already too late.


-SaC t1_jeag5uz wrote

Fuck, I actually meant Columbine - that was the one in the '90s, right? Sandy Hook was later. The '90s one.


Scoutster13 t1_jeafdz6 wrote

I still remember how hard I cried that day at my office. Everyone was speechless and numb. I knew we wouldn't do a fucking thing too. Unbelievable to me still.


-SaC t1_jeafocn wrote

We were talking at work that evening and basically said "this was fucking horrible, now at least something will get done - after all, it took us until Dunblane to actually put some solid stuff into action, so now the US will act. Shame it came to this, what a waste. Never again though; they'll put something through over there."

Yeah nah, we were naïve as fuck.


E: Spelling


Scoutster13 t1_jeaghyj wrote

Yeah, we were actually consoling each other with that belief for a short time - my gut didn't believe it. I so wanted it to be true. And then, once again, a certain group said "it's too soon to talk" and I knew it was done.


Zodiac-Gacy t1_jeazgf8 wrote

At this point it no longer phases me to see these headlines. I almost expect them in my news feed


senorcoach t1_jeb8p3u wrote

Isn't this the school that just hit headlines the other day because there was a drag show at an on-campus restaraunt and people got upset because the campus also hosts some high school students?


preferrred t1_jebfaw7 wrote

Yeah the headlines are spinning “drag queen straddles student” “lap dance”


derezzedmind t1_jebedpk wrote

How are these news if these happen at a weekly basis now.


Stinkyclamjuice15 t1_jebpaq2 wrote

Dude I was gonna go here to get Toyota certified. Hard pass.


bagpiper t1_jeahz8l wrote

Moving on to the next one…


bdy435 t1_jec61ni wrote

They tell us its too early to talk about the next one.


Madmandocv1 t1_jebpc0w wrote

We live in a country so insanely violent and gun ridden that we have a specific term “active shooter.” That way we can distinguish between the boring run of the mill situation where some people were shot but now it’s done and the worse situation where a killer is still going around shooting anyone they can. That way we can have conversations like this: “Hey there was a shooting at school today”. “Oh, is it an active shooter situation?” “No, a guy shot two people and then himself.” “Oh thank goodness. For a minute there I thought you were talking about the worse kind of shooting. So I’m think pasta for dinner, that good for you?”


immalittlepiggy t1_jeacndi wrote

That’s what, 4 in 3 days now? Or am I missing some?


Pickle_Slinger t1_jeaj84x wrote

Unfortunately it Depends on whether you’re talking about school shootings or mass shootings.


DanYHKim t1_jeaxptq wrote

Someday, there will be an announcement like this and all the "good guys with guns" will be out hunting for the active shooter. One will see another armed guy and shoot at him. Everyone will converge to the sound of the gunfire, and then there will be a war zone