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the-il-mostro t1_jeeamec wrote

The article isn’t super clear but the boat was spotted in the search for a missing boater who launched from Cornwall Island in Canada. I think this is the same missing boat but not totally sure. Apparently the child had a Canadian passport which is kinda weird to have on you randomly imo unless they lived in the res which straddles the boarder so people regularly travel back and forth.


SirupyPieIX t1_jeegxob wrote


BatteryAcid67 t1_jeeuaht wrote

Why would anyone want to leave Canada for the US?


zuuzuu t1_jefs4jm wrote

Possibly not eligible to immigrate to Canada (or legally in the US). Might have family supports in the US that can help them but none in Canada.


zuuzuu t1_jefrua3 wrote

No, they're still looking for the missing boater. This was a different boat they found overturned.

>They are believed to be an Indian family and a Romanian family who were attempting to cross into the U.S. from Canada illegally, according to police.

Probably the little boy was born in Canada (birth tourism is a thing) but the rest of the family weren't eligible for immigration in any of the legal ways, so they tried going to the US.