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BaluePeach t1_jbyps36 wrote

“At one point, "the driver stopped in the middle of the road, stood up and said something while pounding his chest and crying," Muniz-Diaz said. "His face was all red. He then kept on driving."

THAT had to be unnerving!


ExtonGuy t1_jbzwwjo wrote

Would have helped if the article mentioned that DODEA = (US) Department of Defense Education Activity, and that the kids were (most likely) Americans.


CW1DR5H5I64A OP t1_jc34b6w wrote

The Article is from Stars and Stripes which is a US military news outlet. DODEA would be well known within their target audience.


DBDude t1_jc25n76 wrote

>Kaiserslautern High School junior Vera Bahl said she then used her school-issued Chromebook to shatter the door so kids could climb out.

Don't they have those little glass breaking hammers in the buses anymore?


Erek_the_Red t1_jbxtxll wrote

There is an ad for Chromebooks here somewhere.


rafe101 t1_jbyc1vq wrote

Yeah, but every bus I've been on in Germany has had red window breaking hammer clipped above the windows. I wonder why none of the students ever noticed them


Jyorin t1_jbz0yui wrote

I know the UK and Germany are different, but when I went to a DoDEA school in the UK, our busses were not the same as the other school busses / busses used in the area. It was many moons ago, but we had a charter bus for high school. But neither our middle school nor high school bus had a little hammer to use, just emergency doors.

I’m assuming theirs didn’t either it they may not have known.


d01100100 t1_jbz4tub wrote

The overturned bus in the article looks more like a charter bus than a commuter or school bus.


DreamsAndSchemes t1_jc0eo2s wrote

That’s the school buses there. The big yellow school bus isn’t a thing in Germany.


Jyorin t1_jc0esyr wrote

Looking at it again, yeah, it looks more like a charter. So it's probably that (unless this is something specific to Germany) it doesn't have an escape aid (hammer).


rafe101 t1_jbz596w wrote

Looks like a regular charter bus here, too. I'm not sure if there's a regulation about the hammers here. Could be. And maybe none of them ever noticed them or knew what they were. Pretty conspicuous: bright red, hammer-shaped, molded grip with a handguard, ground steel point; I just took it for granted people knew what they were. I think there's usually a decal in the corner with a pictogram showing where you should hit it. It's been a while since I was on a bus

Edit: correcting the autocorrect


katikaboom t1_jbzahh1 wrote

Also went to a DODEA school in the UK in the 90s, they were using charter busses then, too


BaluePeach t1_jbyq902 wrote

Having not finished her report, thinking quickly she smashed her school issued cromebook into the glass, magically completing the report that no one could ever read! BRILLIANT!


rafe101 t1_jbyrq64 wrote

I was wondering just how important the detail that it's school issued is—like, would she have done it if it were her own?