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IBAZERKERI t1_jebu6c1 wrote


big news day today! Trump's indicted AND Finland joins NATO


julbull73 t1_jec466c wrote

Trump losing is the world winning.

He campaigned on ending nato. It's stronger and growing.

He committed fraud and is being indicted for it. A good day


OutsideDevTeam t1_jeck9pz wrote

Always two there are. Apprentice, and master. camera pans to Putin


funbike t1_jeed6x0 wrote

This is really going to piss off Putin. He was trying to expand his influence and now he's got another NATO sitting along a huge portion of his border. When the Ukraine war ends, they'll likely be admitted and then the only non-NATO European country on their border will be Belarus.


GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B t1_jebrsts wrote

276:0 in favor, too. Look at the world map to find out why everybody can dance around Sweden's application, but Finland's is no joke.


demarr t1_jecnlpd wrote

Doesn't it have to be a unanimous vote?


Enclavean t1_jedr6do wrote

All NATO countries has to agree yes, but parliaments dont need to be unanimous (as whatever vote wins is their countries only stance), Hungary just ratified as well and they had some votes for no


JTanCan t1_jedyesp wrote

It wasn't. Turkey's parliament has 600 seats. Erdogan convinced the opposition simply not vote.

Next he has to sign off on the measure. I'm curious how long he's going to sit on it.


GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B t1_jedpr53 wrote

I did not know that. Interesting, why is it like that?


Darkstar197 t1_jeec3oo wrote

NATO agreement has a clause that says “an attack on one is an attack on all”.

So every country needs to be on board, otherwise there might be situations of a country being forced to goto war for a country they do not support. Which might encourage countries to leave the alliance.


leftoverrice54 t1_jec0fvg wrote

Wow. I didnt think Turkey would do it. Honestly.


Singer211 t1_jec5874 wrote

Turkey seems to have beef with Sweden far more than Finland.


ArenSteele t1_jecc41c wrote

Yes, specifically Sweden is harbouring dissident refugees from Turkey, and Erdogan considers them terrorists (because they won’t vote for him)


odinskriver39 t1_jece8ww wrote

In a just world there would be a country called Kurdistan.


shaidyn t1_jeeyt45 wrote

Also Somaliland.

But the powers that be can't recognize breakaway states because it sets a precedence for their hegemony breaking up.


ivytea t1_jed22lt wrote

There would have been by now had there not been the stupid orange head who betrayed the Kurds


JTanCan t1_jedy41w wrote

No U.S. president has supported the creation of an independent Kurdish state. Iran doesn't want it, Iraq doesn't want it, Syria doesn't want it, Turkey doesn't want it.

Europe doesn't support it either.

Trump is a lot of things but he's not single-handedly responsible for torpedoing Kurdish statehood.


Thedudewhosmokedpot t1_jee5ujt wrote

This is reddit." Trump bad"

Edit: it's especially bad because there's no shortage of actual things he did people can attack him for instead of making up stuff and blaming him for every single thing that's ever happened.


concerned_llama t1_jedlqhg wrote

Did they really have any chance?


ivytea t1_jedm3gy wrote

There are still lots of footages on the internet showing YPG destroying Turkish tanks and helicopters using American weapons. That was Obama’s legacy until that orange head who openly admired Putin and Xi found more in common with Turkey’s Erdo who essentially became a dictator after the coup


Roxy- t1_jedw65h wrote

They had just been a puppet until the USA was done with them.


Anonuser123abc t1_jeckrd0 wrote

They have to be accommodating sometimes. Were it not for an accident of geography, Turkey would have absolutely no shot at NATO membership. Sometimes they have to throw the rest of NATO a bone.


LuvYouLongTimeAgo t1_jecpxow wrote

He probably wasn’t going to get funding to help the Earthquake survivors and with rebuilding.


IlIFreneticIlI t1_jeck9e3 wrote

Congratulations to Poo-tin, NATO recruiter of the year! Muscovy on a real rampage this year.


DrLager t1_jecokjl wrote

Pootin, in his barechested glory, sits easily upon his trusty steed Girlfriend. As he drills fart after shart into his girlfriend’s saddle, he humbly accepts the accolades.


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ZrvaDetector t1_jec397s wrote

So what did they get invaded by something?


jmcgit t1_jec48gk wrote

Russia issued some empty threats and the Finnish decided it’d be cool to have backup if Russia ever decides they want to take Finland too.

Those empty threats were mostly just bluster and attempting to keep their story straight on Ukraine, but it was still enough to get Finland to move off the fence.


Singer211 t1_jecoynx wrote

The Soviet Union attacked Finland during the Winter War. It’s not like there isn’t precedent here.


OkSatisfaction9850 t1_jege839 wrote

Historical fact: Turkey also sought NATO membership after the soviets made threats to invade…


ZrvaDetector t1_jec5jjh wrote

No, I know about this. It's just that the other guy was so pissed that this process took time, I was sarcastially asking him why. It had no negative effects.


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ChrisBabaganoosh t1_jecg5ne wrote

Sweden is harboring Kurdish refugees that the Turkish government has branded terrorists (aka political dissidents that escaped a genocide Turkey took part in).


ZrvaDetector t1_jecbvgj wrote

It won't be ratified anytime soon. Sweden is actually bit unpopular in Turkey. Finland was not. They applied together so Finland got some collateral until they seperated their application process.


random-incident t1_jeckaxh wrote

One nation should not be able to stop an otherwise unanimous vote to accept a new country. They should have had a clause that one holdout can’t stop a new nation coming in and the dissenter can live with it or leave the organization.


raisroy t1_jecvl05 wrote

The central idea of the NATO alliance is that all nations will come to the aid of any nation within the group that is attacked. The alliance will break down if individual nations are free to choose whether they'll actually do so.

Turkey would be responsible for defending Sweden in such a scenario, thus they have a voice in whether they have to be put in such a situation in the first place.


aister t1_jedpmc4 wrote

if NATO was a normal economic bloc, then yes. But it is a mutual defense block. Turkey is pretty much forced to defend Finland, or any other members of NATO, if they are attacked. Turkey, as well as any other countries in NATO, have to be OK with sending their weapons, ammunition, and most importantly, soldiers to defend Finland, as well as other new applicants and current members.

I hate the fact that Turkey and Hungary is holding up the process, but it is a process I wholeheartedly agree to.


MeatsimPD t1_jedhse0 wrote

Okay now imagine how you'd feel if a bunch of other countries tried to force your country to obligate it's military to the defense of another country.

And NATO would be far weaker without Turkey, certainly not worth kicking them out because they delayed Finland for several months. Have some patience


random-incident t1_jeduuvm wrote

No they aren’t allowing Sweden to come in at all.


randompantsfoto t1_jeek1tg wrote

Not yet. Upcoming elections will either force Eedogan to fold (if public sentiment is leaning towards allowing Sweden in—his primary opponent is for allowing), or will approve it after he wins (once he gets what he wants from all the arm twisting).

As Sweden (as well as Finland) is part of the EU’s mutual defense pact, under Article 42, the rest of Europe’s member states are beholden to come to their aid regardless, in the event of an attack. It gives the U.K., U.S., and Canada an out if they didn’t want to get involved, but there’s not much chance they’d leave anyone hanging in the event of Russian hijinks.


HughMananatee t1_jed45xw wrote

Nice work Russia, managed to double your borders with NATO once Sweden is in too


cgaWolf t1_jedm723 wrote

No, the border is doubles with Finnland alone. Sweden doesn't have a land border with Russia.


HughMananatee t1_jeefec0 wrote

Yeah I noticed, for some reason though Russian diplomats are including Sweden when they make this complaint? Are they counting the coast?


randompantsfoto t1_jeeivtt wrote

Sweden controls a significant portion of the Baltic Sea. (Including the island of Gotland), a sea which essentially becomes a NATO lake as soon as they join. Any Russian ships based in St. Petersburg become trapped/useless in the event of a conflict with NATO.

Granted, they weren’t getting out into the North Sea and Atlantic past Denmark and Norway anyway, but now they wouldn’t even have room to steam out to the middle of the Baltic and pretend to be a navy without being under constant threat of land-based anti-ship missiles anywhere they go.


Garolys t1_jedmq4i wrote

Nato ei voi tallentaa Suomea!


tolae01010 t1_jednrw7 wrote

I'd be a little nervous right now if I ran Estonia. Not sure of their dealings with NATO or Russia, but that seems like the next logical Russian target.

Edit: Just looked up that their leader has criticized Putin. So...


Paperdiego t1_jedp9y7 wrote

Estonia is part of NATO, so no, Putin is not targeting it.


osmopyyhe t1_jedze6m wrote

Estonia is already a part of NATO and Finland joining actually increases their security as Finland offers additional air cover and makes supplying forces fighting in Estonia easier.


aister t1_jedp3nf wrote

isn't Estonia a member of NATO already?


JTanCan t1_jedyurn wrote

As of last year the next target was Moldova. I don't recall there being evidence that has changed. But that plan is complicated by the failure of Russia to conquer Ukraine.


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julbull73 t1_jec4am9 wrote

Yeah I'd wager Putin hurts itself on confusion.


J_G_B t1_jednxdo wrote

Yeah, I'm curious to see how much actually goes into maintaining the Russian nuclear arsenal and how much gets lost in the black market.


BrianThatDude t1_jebvtm7 wrote

Fwiw the country is called Turkiye.


project23 t1_jedgadu wrote

The Nipponjin, among many other peoples throughout the world, feel your pain. We call them Japanese in English.


PiXLANIMATIONS t1_jednubj wrote

The Hanguk-in share this, too. You’ll know them by their other name: Koreans