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wobbly-cheese t1_jd3pai0 wrote

this is probably why you cant rent toboggans, crazy carpets or inner tubes at ski resorts


Clean_Command_4897 t1_jd3qxfp wrote

You can't control them. You can actually stop while skiing or snowboarding.


pegothejerk t1_jd3slnl wrote

Maybe you can


Clean_Command_4897 t1_jd3ssne wrote

Haha that's why they have bunny hills. You got this!


MoonBasic t1_jd3v6ty wrote

Pizza. French Fries. Pizza. French Fries. Got it.


TheDuchyofWarsaw t1_jd3zmmh wrote

If you French fry when you're supposed to pizza you're gonna have a bad time


gubbygub t1_jd5l80i wrote

i went snowboarding once, stayed on the bunny hill all day and holy shit that thing got fuckin deadly towards the end of the night! started off nice and kinda fluffy, but at the end after a bazillion falls and slides from everyone it was like solid ice mixed with a frankenstein lovechild of vibranium and adamantium with a bedrock base.

still cant feel a spot on my knee after falling on that shit hahah


NotShey t1_jd61bqo wrote

Honestly, I think the beginner slopes can be one of the most dangerous places at a lot of resorts. Especially during the peak season. So many people with no control, and no spatial awareness. All it takes is one dude losing control and smack.

Honorable mention to groomed blues/blue-blacks in the sun in the morning and shadow in the afternoon. People just fly down those, hit ice patches, and will go sliding down the hill sideways at like 40 miles an hour.


Solidsnake_86 t1_jd49ejb wrote

I was in Springville Ca in February and lady died in hitting a tree on an inter tube.


No_Establishment6528 t1_jd3tmw2 wrote

Really? I was able to go tubing in at PA resort... But the "mountains" there are MUCH smaller


Patchyug t1_jd3ws72 wrote

Was it on a dedicated tubing hill? Much different than taking a tube on a ski run


Leading-Two5757 t1_jd40fao wrote

Many ski resorts have tubing hills. The tubing hills are separate from the skiing hills, there is no shared space for both activities.

Every resort I have worked for with a tubing hill has had entirely separate departments dedicated to running their operations. The only connection with the ski resorts is where the profits ultimately goes - for all customer facing purposes they should be looked at as two separate entities.

If you’re going tubing at one of these places, you’re not tubing at a ski resort. You’re tubing at a tubing hill that just happens to be adjacent to and owned by the ski resort.


Matt3989 t1_jd46ksl wrote

When I worked at an East Coast resort, we had way more trauma deaths from tubing than from the skiing/snowboarding side.

Most mountain deaths on the ski resort side were heart attacks, the tubing hill on the other hand would have 1 or more per year of conditions getting a bit too slick and a tube flying over/crashing into the barrier at the end or into a person at high speed.


Johnny_Appleweed t1_jd3wn92 wrote

Yeah, not sure how much experience this guy has with ski resorts. Lots of them rent tubes and sleds. Copper, where this happened, does in fact rent tubes.

But then they only allow you to ride them in specifically-designed courses under supervision of staff and during regular business hours.

The problem isn’t sleds per se, it’s that they used one in a place they weren’t supposed to after hours.


cboel t1_jd4bzuv wrote

If they went down a half pipe in a sled or tube, that's pretty insane. It wouldn't have been a question of being there at the appropriate time as any time would be inappropriate to do so.

You can zig-zag to slow your travel downhill, even while still going fast across the hill, on skies and a snowboard. You can't really do that very easily on a sled or tube.


Johnny_Appleweed t1_jd4c8of wrote

Yeah, that’s true, there’s no safe time to do that. I was more thinking that during regular hours there might have been someone to stop them.


Dorkamundo t1_jd49lng wrote

Yea, and the tubing PARKS are specifically designed for tubes and rigorously tested to ensure safety.

They also have walls that prevent the tubes from exiting the designated areas.


stugautz t1_jd40rko wrote

Tubing hills have areas designed to slow you to a stop.


mentalxkp t1_jd483q0 wrote

You can here in Colorado. They have specific areas set aside for it.


boozewald t1_jd4i2y8 wrote

A tubing hill and half pipe have very different forms and function despite how similar they might look.


pause566 t1_jd4ngdj wrote

There's tubing run by Copper maybe 200 yards from the half pipe. It's obviously a very different slope, but you can rent tubes and use them on their course.


pspahn t1_jd6qv3u wrote

There was some kind of sled that got brought to Copper about 20 years ago. If I remember, it had runners that allowed some form of control based on how you lean, like a flexible skeleton sled kinda, and they also had a leash. They were trying to see if they could get approved to allow them on the mountain.

So a few of the LiftOps supervisors took them up Flyer, which was the lift I worked. I was at the top when they got off. I thought it was the stupidest idea ever but lifties are often psychotic.

I remember just seeing them launch off the lip of the road and then disappeared. Never heard anything else about them. I think one of them got hurt.