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ILikeChangingMyMind t1_jbvs163 wrote

Sort of ... they don't elect the PM directly, they elect representatives.

Netanyahu put together a coalition of right-wing conservative reps who were all willing to vote him in as PM, so he was elected ... but by them, not the Israeli people.

Of course, the fact that that many conservative nutjobs (that were willing to join a coalition with him) were elected in the first place just speaks to Israel's future ... or lack thereof.


verrius t1_jbwikd7 wrote

Presumably he still needs to be elected as a minister of parliament, or whatever they call their equivalent, though, to be in the running for PM, right? Does his constituency just...not care that he's been under a very public corruption investigation for a while?


jews4beer t1_jbwkk4l wrote

People vote for parties. He is elected by his party to attempt to form a coalition. The left/center parties said "hell no we are never working with you again", so to stay out of jail he went and told the "alt-right" that "I'll give you whatever you want if you let me tear apart the courts". And the constituents for the respective parties, for lack of a better term, have gone full MAGA.