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Icantredditgood t1_je1raaj wrote

I listened to Serial as well, and am unsure whether or not he is guilty, but I believe that due to the absolute farce of a trial based solely on circumstantial evidence, and an incompetent defense attorney, he should not have been convicted. His guilt or innocence is immaterial.


frealfr t1_je1ro6v wrote

Circumstantial evidence convicts individuals on a massive e scale.


thetacticalpanda t1_je4gaod wrote

"There was only circumstantial evidence" is to law as "Evolution is just a theory" is to science. If you have video of a husband and wife entering a building, the husband's fingerprints on the knife found in the wife's chest, and video of the husband leaving the building alone, all you have is circumstantial evidence.


Maria-Stryker t1_je4uh17 wrote

Yes but in this case it all hinged on one guy’s testimony and cell phone location data corroborating everything. The one guy in question had all the motivation to lie for leniency on his crimes and other experts have stated that the cell phone location data is not that accurate. Do I think he’s actually guilty? I don’t know, but I will say I don’t think the evidence reaches the beyond a reasonable doubt threshold especially since the police didn’t clear the alternative suspects


Elhaym t1_je2bjg1 wrote

I agree he had an incompetent defense. No question there. I don't have a problem with "circumstantial" evidence. Most evidence is, and it's totally fine to convict solely based on it. What is important is how strong the circumstantial evidence is.


andrewthemexican t1_je3704n wrote

This is my opinion on Steven Avery. I'm not entirely convinced he didn't do it, but I can't agree with a guilty verdict with the whole shitshow.


d01100100 t1_je2io6a wrote

A smoking gun is circumstantial evidence. It's very strong, but it not in flagrante delicto.


Mydickradiates t1_je2xzy2 wrote

I guess this is why the rebuttal to whining about defense attorneys is they exist to give a vigorous defense so that the obviously guilty will not walk from incompetence


spasske t1_je4rik0 wrote

Are you considering it a farce when someone testifies that they helped him bury the body?


89141 t1_je1uhuo wrote

Almost all evidence is circulating.