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3rdEyeDeuteranopia t1_je2l7w9 wrote

The outgoing calls were never in question. The incoming calls still have to be in range of the tower referenced.

The DNA evidence never exonerated Adnan. His DNA/prints were already found in the car. If they were found on the shoes too, people would just make the same excuse for that DNA they gave for previous evidence which is Adnan had been in the car before anyway.


hellomondays t1_je2nf70 wrote

The touch DNA excluded him. He wasn't a match.


3rdEyeDeuteranopia t1_je2t2x1 wrote

It didn't though. There is no evidence the murderer touched the shoes with their hands. The shoes were dress shoes worn all day at school. The DNA on the shoes could have come from anywhere.


Elhaym t1_je4fm0a wrote

The DNA did not exonerate him at all. If I strangle you while wearing gloves, there's a good chance none of my DNA would wind up on you. Would investigators finding none of my DNA mean I'd be exonerated? Nope. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.