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N8CCRG t1_jdnbrgp wrote

Getting access to mental healthcare is only a piece of it though. Recognizing that somebody needs to get that mental healthcare is possibly even more difficult. Rarely do I ever hear about any of these shooters having histories of attempting to get mental healthcare but being unable to.


Morepastor t1_jdnde08 wrote

Some have certainly displayed behaviors that even attract law enforcement attention. Access and making mental health less of a stigma. We need solutions that can pass. Biden addressed this recently when he said “we need more police & more funding for them” he was speaking about mental health officers to assist with these calls.

I agree it’s a multifaceted problem.

Addressing the root causes of violence: Many mass shooters have a history of domestic violence, bullying, or other forms of aggression. Addressing these underlying issues through education, counseling, and intervention programs could help prevent future acts of violence.

Improving mental health care: While not all mass shooters have a diagnosed mental illness, some do. Improving access to mental health care and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness could help identify and treat potential perpetrators before they turn to violence.

Encouraging responsible reporting: Some mass shootings are motivated by a desire for attention or notoriety. Responsible reporting by the media, including avoiding sensationalism and not naming shooters, could help reduce the incentive for these types of attacks.

Enhancing school security: Many mass shootings take place in schools, so improving security measures such as metal detectors, security cameras, and school resource officers could help prevent these tragedies.


[deleted] t1_jdne0ta wrote

If someones identity is 100% one thing (guns, trump, god, etc) that should be a pretty clear indicator.