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mamawantsallama t1_jdnlujr wrote

Your States gun laws are only as good as the States surrounding them.


ProfaneWords t1_jdnomi6 wrote

Hard Rock is on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. To be clear, Stateline, NV and South Lake Tahoe, CA feel like one city, but if anyone thinks that CA legislation has anything to do with this, then they need to look at a map.


FamiliarTry403 t1_jdnmkb1 wrote

That’s the big issue with Illinois gun laws, you’re neighbors are Indiana and kentucky, Iowa and Missouri.


jkenosh t1_jdnvmyp wrote

You forgot Wisconsin


FamiliarTry403 t1_jdnwa6g wrote

I did, I purposely left it out maybe I’m wrong but I feel like Wisconsin is probably responsible for the least amount of guns entering the state compared to the other 4 I named but maybe I’m incorrect


jkenosh t1_jdnwowd wrote

As a gun owner I think we need federal gun reform. I just traded /sold a old pickup for 1 handgun 1 rifle and some cash. Even private party sales should have to go thru a background check.


FamiliarTry403 t1_jdny067 wrote

Michigan just did that, every transaction is supposed to have a check done now


Error_83 t1_jdo52ul wrote

Supposed to*

I feel it should work like a vehicle title. Previous owner fills out bottom and mails it in. If new owner doesn't register, it's like two warnings with fines, then you lose rights/gun license.

The easy way around this would be "thefts". First time is a fine for improperly stored. Second time is that charge, which already exists. Third time you lose your rights/license.


EmotionalSuportPenis t1_jdoaquj wrote

NICS needs to be open to the public either way. Right now only registered gun dealers can access it, which means if you're doing a private sale and want to do a background check even though you aren't legally obligated to, you can't. Your only other choice is to transfer it through a licensed dealer, but they charge anywhere from $20 to $100 to put it on their books and do the background check.


jkenosh t1_jdoe71t wrote

I only sell privately to people with concealed carry permits. If the state oks them for concealed carry they will pass a background check


Error_83 t1_jdomw4l wrote

If it's still active. I had a "valid" license for a few years that was actually suspended. Just never got punched.


Footwarrior t1_jdof9o2 wrote

The fee for a dealer doing a private sale background check here in Colorado is $17.50.


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jdo1c88 wrote

Years ago I made the mistake of private selling a rifle to “some guy” I met through a buddy. Turns out he was some connected Russian kid with the nickname “The Kicker”. Bought my gun, same day he took said gun to a guy that owed him cash(less than the gun cost) he proceeded to shoot the rifle into the ceiling of the house, then stabbed the dude in the chest. Took his money and left. Left the fucking gun too… that was the shittiest thing to be connected to when you’re in the service and took a friends advice on who to sell a gun to. I trusted him, and never should have been able to legally sell that gun just because “we did a bill of sale”. I fucked up. Dude would have gotten stabbed regardless, but atleast he wouldn’t have used my gun to possibly harm someone. Haven’t private sold a gun to anyone except immediate family since. And don’t think a “bill of sale” means shit law or not.. fucking police made my life hell too. Though for a very short time, because once that napkin with signatures hit the lawyers desk it stopped. And honestly I should have gotten in trouble for selling it to that man.


Beautiful_Spite_3394 t1_jdoe55n wrote

I got held up by gunpoint by a dude and later we found out it was an illegal gun and the guy got the gun similarly to the way you describe. Not exactly the same, they did it under the table and the dude was a felon so he should have never been able to buy the gun.

Later the story comes out and the dude who sold him the gun, did not give a fuck lol. He said it was my fault I got a gun put in my face, "you shouldn't have been there". Lol I shouldn't have been at the gas station. Nice. It's my fault.

So its really cool you think the way you do and you changed your actions because this guy is probably still selling his guns illegally and yes I reported him but it was indiana so im sure nothing happened. I carry myself, but it's not realistic to use a gun when you have a gun already in your face lol. I got out with my life that's all that mattered to me.

It's so funny to see peoples true nature when a gun enters the fray. The moment a gun comes out I said "come on dude I have a kid to get back home to, calm down..." lolol I never expected that to come out.


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jdofrwf wrote

When people pull a gun, and you go “come on dude” they already know you have the biggest set of proverbial balls… the guy who sold the gun was probably jealous you didn’t piss yourself like he would have.

The nuts on you… I applaud you.

Edit. For the record.. in you ever find yourself in the North Eastern area of PA and need “A Dick that will work For you!” PM me. Lol.


Beautiful_Spite_3394 t1_jdol843 wrote

Damn man I can't tell you how much that little bit means to me.. it was the weakest I ever felt in my life. It really was... i was getting back home to my son either way but I was scared.

But youre right I never thought about it like that, I guess out of all the responses I could have given, there was alot of resistance. I didn't say "okay take whatever you want" or literally anything else. I said I needed to get back home tonight.


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jdoluk1 wrote

Listen I’m not saying try it again… fuck please don’t. But I’m just saying I’d have handled it the same way, because if I had a kid to get back to… I’m going out either trying for the gun or being a smart ass. But psychological effect wise, most people with guns aren’t expecting to get flak… so they get scared.

Scared+Guns= Bad Times. But again DONT DO THAT AGAIN!!! As a human to another human I have to say don’t because I want you to stay safe… as a human to another human I also have to say “You got balls and I respect that” and I’m glad you’re good.

Edit. I also have to add the crying scheme doesn’t work well. In any situation I’ve dealt with in Florida when it came to that.. it was a fucking crap shoot. Most are just kids looking to survive… but there are those few.. those few that really are hard ass killers. But crying seemingly always lead to a shooting, even if no one was hurt. Like the gun shots are going to call them down..


Beautiful_Spite_3394 t1_jdomkx6 wrote

Yeah man definitely, I just have to thank you though for turning literally the weakest point I've ever felt in my existence into being something I can maybe be a little proud of for having that strength to protect my life that night like you're saying. Cause you're right that would be unnerving to hear as a robber out of all the responses.

I'm not gonna try it again, I really should have just asked what they wanted haha. Hindsight in 20/20 but I just don't wanna be in thay scenario again lol, I don't drive at night anymore so that's one step. 😅

I'm really just glad I got away that night without any issues either way haha


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jdonn7s wrote

Always be proud. You stood up for yourself. That’s something strong you’ll give to your kid,wether you know it or not.


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jdop5r2 wrote

I know I’m going to sound like a therapist right now.. but. If I didn’t take the time to address my issues with stuff that happened with me. Even these little talks about feeling scared.. they’ll help you out with it in the long run. I know having a gun in your face blows, I know also having a gun on your hip blows too.. I know you carry and I know that having that gun can give some people false confidence. Take the solace in the fact that, not only did you stand up for yourself, you didn’t let the anger or fear run you into taking the persons life nor did it make you think you were impervious to damage and cause you to lose your own trying to defend yourself. So you hit the hat trick. You got 3 perfects in handling a situation and it worked out. You stood up for yourself, you didn’t let a personal weapon get you or another person killed, and you came out on top. You also admit it made you feel weak, that’s a step some can’t take. Just don’t beat yourself up over it.


foreverpsycotic t1_jdo7ddn wrote

Open nics to public so people don't need to pay up to $100 then.


jkenosh t1_jdodyne wrote

The way we go about in Wisconsin is only sell privately to people with a concealed carry permit.


Cheesesticks1977 t1_jdoc6t0 wrote

As a Canadian, this hurts my brain. My brother had to notify the RCMP that he was selling his guns to a guy, and that guy had to get a background check by them before the transaction. It took over a week before it was completed.


BuffaloInCahoots t1_jdohem2 wrote

Out of curiosity did it cost him anything to get a background check done?


CthulhuShoes t1_jdoc78d wrote

Same. As a gun owner and enthusiast we desperately need gun reform. People say the gun show (and private sale) loophole doesn't exist, but when we were 17 my friend and I went to a gun show and he was able to buy a revolver with literally no questions asked.


Guarder22 t1_jdoqotn wrote

How many years ago was this? And do you live in a state that doesn't require private party background checks?


CthulhuShoes t1_jdphanc wrote

It was around 10 years ago, and no background check was required.


c0mf0rtableli4r t1_jdnpc1z wrote

California has Nevada and Arizona to deal with.


PowertothePixie t1_jdo8wnp wrote

I lived in Nevada for over 30 years, people love their guns there. I don't know if it's Texas-level love, but if it isn't, I suspect it's close.


Yitram t1_jdomrd2 wrote

Something like a third of the guns in Chicago come from Indiana.


BuffaloInCahoots t1_jdohaio wrote

Pretty sure California has more guns than most states and most didn’t come from other states. I grew up there and during the 4th full auto gun fire was normal, this was in the early 90s. Guns have never been hard to get in California, with or without the laws, with or without crossing state lines.


skeetsauce t1_jdoigs2 wrote

People who don’t live in CA act like you cant easily buy guns here. Gun rosters and 10 day waiting period suck, but it’s really not that bad considering all the other BS I deal with in life.


BuffaloInCahoots t1_jdojxh9 wrote

Nope and that’s if you care about follow the laws. If you don’t care about the laws you can get pretty much whatever you want, without a waiting period or background check. For your normal person this might be shady but it’s not hard to do.


xlovegunx t1_jdpnabl wrote

Yes getting a gun was super easy. Just needed my driver license and not have a felony. I got one after someone broke into my house and stole money.


Hatedpriest t1_jdqaxfx wrote

A gun, a drivers license, or a felony?

I mean, I'd prolly catch a felony if someone broke into my house and stole money, so...


SFW_Account__ t1_jdnxsk3 wrote

Any law is only as good as the citizen's willingness to obey them.


Beepboopbob1 t1_jdq4xuh wrote

Which is directly affected by the severity of the penalty. There are many countries where criminals use few if any firearms simply because the law is so harsh that it's not worth the risk.


WACK-A-n00b t1_jdoxwhx wrote

Nevada has pretty relaxed gun laws, and hard rock is in Nevada.


SadlyReturndRS t1_jdnzl0c wrote

And not just the states surrounding them.

Most guns recovered from crime scenes in NYC, for instance, come from VA, GA, and FL. I-95 is just one of several Iron Pipelines in the US.

And then the US as a whole becomes the same for the rest of North America. 3 out of 4 guns found at crime scenes in Canada came from the US. 2 out of 3 guns found at crime scenes in Mexico came from the US. Almost all the border crossing gun smugglers are Americans as well.


WellHacktually t1_jdoppbv wrote

They're not even that good. The kind of people they're meant to deter don't care about laws.


BloodlustyGummybear t1_jdpx9gd wrote

That applies to your international neighbours too, USA.

Both Canada and Mexico suffer issues from how readily available guns are in the US. The USA supplies the overwhelming majority of guns owned in Mexico - from farmers to cartel members.