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NoBrains-NoGains t1_jecx93n wrote

The price really isn't any higher than you'd pay for the equivalent trim of an ICE truck.


razorirr t1_jed24mg wrote

Lol you are hilariously wrong. The XLT EV with the big battery (320 miles) is 80,000. XLT ICE is 51k


NoBrains-NoGains t1_jed3i1u wrote

They aren't comparable despite having the same name you dingdong.

The XLT F150 seats 2 and is a 4x2 truck.

The Electric XLT F150 seats 4 and is four wheel drive.

The same trim level comes out to close to the same price.


ll_cool_ct t1_jed5r5a wrote

This is wrong. I owned a 2016 XLT. Super crew with 4x4. I had a preorder on a lightning xlt. Very comparable between the two.


NoBrains-NoGains t1_jed63wn wrote

Yes, the 51k price he was quoting was for the barebones 2 seater. Totally different than super crew, 4x4 and other options added on top. Prices aren't that dramatically divergent.


ll_cool_ct t1_jee7m32 wrote

My comment still stands. I can pay $60,000 for a loaded supercrew XLT, whereas the extended range XLT with no other options is $95,000 (the standard range with no options added is $79,000). And those are lightning prices listed on fords website, dealers are still marking them up another $10,000 in my area.


razorirr t1_jeekxew wrote

XLT F150 4x4 5 seater supercrew is 53,850. Your username is pretty relevant here :)