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mtarascio t1_iujfo3v wrote

There's thought that this is because they're transitioning back to the youth conscription that happens every year and then will pivot back once that's finished.

They don't even have capacity for any mobilization, let alone taking on two at once.


Thunderhamz t1_iuk2zvq wrote

So they don’t have the capacity for their own current mobilization in Ukraine ??


TaserLord t1_iujfa6z wrote

I....think Putin just blinked.


Orcus424 t1_iuji44g wrote

The Russian Defense Ministry said the partial mobilization is now suspended. According to the article them announcing that doesn't actually stop it. Putin needs to put out a decree. Which doesn't seem like he has. The Defense Ministry members might be thrown out some windows next week.


3rdBanEvasionAcct t1_iujptot wrote

Doubt it, unfortunately. Tomorrow (Nov 1) is the start of the autumn conscription season and the speculation is that the Defense Ministry can't handle the influx of both conscripts and reservists at the same time, so the mobilization of reservists was temporality paused. Hopefully that speculation turns out to be wrong, though.


girlfreddyf t1_iujfkj3 wrote

I think so too. Kinda funny in a total Hallowe'en moment.


Orcus424 t1_iujhqyv wrote

According to the article the Russian Defense Ministry announcing this doesn't actually stop it. Putin needs to put out an official decree. It's weird that they didn't announce that also. Some people might be thrown out some windows soon because of that announcement.


malkavich t1_iujdolp wrote

Running out of people to fight his war?


5xad0w OP t1_iujdyag wrote

Might just be tired of planes mysteriously falling out of the sky and "training accidents" at shooting ranges that leave multiple people dead.


I_am_not_JohnLeClair t1_iujnq9c wrote

Haha a crumbling infrastructure and no more cannon fodder...Russia is weak. I could beat Putin in a game of Stratego and I suck at Stratego


HENRIFAKEFACE t1_iujup85 wrote

I’m curious what people think, is this going to devolve into a more Vietnam like situation where he’s there for years, or will Putin acknowledge he can’t afford this war and find an exit strategy?


Fit-Suspect8195 t1_iuk508a wrote

I think Putin is putting effort into meddling with the US midterm to have the GOP in power. And have those GOP reduce support for Ukraine. With less support, Putin sees an opportunity to win the war.


JaiC t1_iukbi14 wrote

This is effectively a surrender. It's definitely not Vietnam. Putin can't hold any ground in Ukraine. He'll be lucky to keep Crimea.


LocoCoyote t1_iujdwcy wrote

I thought it was a special police action


BeltfedOne t1_iujibaf wrote

Probably going "full" because...Putin


arghabargle t1_iujir2p wrote preparation for 'full mobilization' of citizens for Ukraine "special military operation".