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danasf t1_isbefqv wrote

How come the people who believe this obviously illogical on its face, completely non fact based rhetoric have so much money?

I mean most high paying jobs require basic logic, research, and math skills but if you have even two of those three then you would never believe anything that she says...

Is this because we don't have enough inheritance tax and therefore generational wealth is built up that supports a ton of people who did not or could not have earned the money they now have access to... or.... Seriously I don't understand


Eupion t1_isc6d2d wrote

I think it’s all that oil money getting dumped onto the land owners, and the land owners being hillbilly farmers with suddenly a huge amount of money from, let’s say fracking, don’t know better. They just see a white man and agree.


255001434 t1_iseqvnh wrote

They are making the money more from many small donations than from high earners giving large amounts. That being said, there are a lot of careers that pay well and require a valuable skillset, but not deep intellectual abilities.