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yamirzmmdx t1_isay0nm wrote


So she has more to lose to Dominion?

Or is that money protected?

Couldn't read article behind free trial.


MarketingFilms t1_isaz3c7 wrote

It is highly suspect how the worst players seem to be able to constantly fundraise.


thedeathmachine t1_isb8nnq wrote

I kinda feel like I should start promoting the real winner of the election was Deez Nutz and maybe collect a few mil.


BeigeChocobo t1_isbbcgy wrote

I saw dozens, nay... hundreds of boat parades supporting Deez Nutz. And you're telling me Deez Nutz got fewer votes than Biden, for whom I saw zero boat parades? Truly a farce #justice4deeznutz


Ok-Mechanic-5128 t1_isbedgg wrote

This woman spread lies explicitly to garner donations. She should be litigated to pay back - she is a lying enemy of the country


danasf t1_isbefqv wrote

How come the people who believe this obviously illogical on its face, completely non fact based rhetoric have so much money?

I mean most high paying jobs require basic logic, research, and math skills but if you have even two of those three then you would never believe anything that she says...

Is this because we don't have enough inheritance tax and therefore generational wealth is built up that supports a ton of people who did not or could not have earned the money they now have access to... or.... Seriously I don't understand


007meow t1_isbf3k5 wrote

Nonprofit supporting a false prophet


AdkRaine11 t1_isbhmkm wrote

All that money and she’s wearing that?


Thresh_Keller t1_isbhtyb wrote

Cool and I can’t afford groceries anymore. Seems like the system is working as intended.


friedguy t1_isbkyyz wrote

This reminds me during the onset of covid.... All the crazy amount of grifters that were advertising health products and virus killing sprays on Fox News radio. I'm always listening to different satellite radio channels and I purposely listen to stuff I don't agree with like Fox just so I can know what the idiots are thinking.

I swear there was a one month period for anytime I'd be scanning through Fox News you would hear these constant advertisements for bogus products that you've never heard advertised on any other kind of radio station let alone would ever see in a store. It was just perfect fly by night let's make some health products because of covid right now and sell them only on Fox News. Pretty much the modern day version of late night only TV products targeted towards senior citizens.

Ironically so much of the Fox News segments would be hosts debating how real covid is while ads in between segments were for these new "health" products to protect you from covid. I remember that one was this "made in America " keychain with uv lasers to sanitize areas. A lot of the products seem to be new super strength vitamin pills.

Say what you want about these grifters but they're not stupid when it comes to hustling for money and knowing their perfect target market.


O_Shack_Hennessy t1_isblz37 wrote

I'm not one to believe in reptilian people BUT I see her and I start to have doubts.


lvlint67 t1_isbnupf wrote

I occasionally get sms spam like, "reply NOW to help President TRUMP secure the 2024 election and stop the steal!"

Others pull much harder on the emotional heart strings. I can certainly see parts of my family falling into the trap and giving money to help "political Jesus".


HunterRoze t1_isbpsg8 wrote

Sure it's simple, first, you have to remove any shred of ethics or morals along with any conscience whatsoever - the con in con-man stands for confidence which you have to have 100% in yourself to sucker the rubes.


ProfessionalWeary665 t1_isbr36j wrote

To all the people who donated: a fool and their money are soon parted.


OGZ43 t1_isbuxhj wrote

It seems there is endless supply of "fools monies" to be had for a "good cause" of course.


Mr_Stiel t1_isbyzo7 wrote

Fundraising fraud #IndictSidneyPowell


ScootysDad t1_isbziam wrote

She'll need a lot more than that to pay for the incoming verdict.


AVLThumper t1_isc4l53 wrote

Can we sue her and take that money?


DaveMeese t1_isc4pdf wrote

Lock this fucking traitor up and throw away the key.


Eupion t1_isc6d2d wrote

I think it’s all that oil money getting dumped onto the land owners, and the land owners being hillbilly farmers with suddenly a huge amount of money from, let’s say fracking, don’t know better. They just see a white man and agree.


crimsonhues t1_isc8twx wrote

I wish I could personally deliver the message to those suckers who contributed that they got conned


TheElvisMan t1_iscal2r wrote

There’s something about this woman that makes me wanna rearrange her teeth with a shovel.


CAllD2B t1_iscbi8b wrote

For real, I’m out on the streets every week having to convince people to give $25 or $10/month to groups trying to make sure they have clean air or not have plastic in their blood and these guys reel in 30x what my office could raise in a year just by being a fascist


Thanos_Stomps t1_iscccet wrote

That money is protected, at least from any judgements against her personally.

It says her nonprofit but it’s not hers. States vary on board requirements but all require a board of directors who are responsible for the nonprofit. Nonprofits do not have ownership.


diamond t1_isch765 wrote

Oh cool, that'll cover about 1.6% of the judgment when she loses in court to Dominion.


CritaCorn t1_isckemn wrote

Republicans suck, and at this point are borderline terrorist


Lamontyy t1_isco32s wrote

We might be fucked guys... I can't even imagine the US 20 years from now... We're getting stupid-er-er.


SnooShortcuts3749 t1_iscxtul wrote

Clearly, for her, Social Security and Medicare, are no longer a personal concern. It is The Way with the grifting GOP.


janjinx t1_isd3hqf wrote

That must be like the donations to "Build the Wall" fund. Such a wide, circuitous route that took right to Bannon & to tRump's bank accounts.


Enjolras55 t1_isd51x0 wrote

A fool and his money are soon parted has never been more true than in the case of the MAGA cult.


HunterRoze t1_isd8pth wrote

When I used to do debate I was told all the time I would make a great televangelist or tent revival preacher. Other than not being religious I just can not be objectively evil and take advantage of people. Same reason I can not work in sales - I am really good at it, but I hate myself selling people things they don't want and or don't need. At the end of the day, I have to be able to look myself in the face in the mirror.


Ascian5 t1_isd9r3x wrote

Just saw a commercial for "citizens of sanity" during playoff baseball. I hate to name them just for the attention it provides. Jesus Christ. Forget Canada, I want to move to a deserted island. Shit, the Middle East actually looks enticing next to these crazy fucks.

But that's the point. Sow outrage, and let your opponents deal with that while you continue to act in bad faith and in the shadows. All it takes is stirring your uneducated, racist base. You're so busy treating the symptoms, the disease keeps on digging in with a smile.


Sweatytubesock t1_ise3qsq wrote

The right wing grift never rests. Imagine giving these obvious frauds and assholes your money.


255001434 t1_iseqdxg wrote

There's a lot of money in destroying democracy, especially when the nation's enemies want to help bring it down.


255001434 t1_iseqvnh wrote

They are making the money more from many small donations than from high earners giving large amounts. That being said, there are a lot of careers that pay well and require a valuable skillset, but not deep intellectual abilities.


technosaur t1_isev23o wrote

Not nealy enough to pay actual damages if the voting machine company she libeled [lied about] wins its civil suit against her.


bandit69 t1_isf8060 wrote

The Republican shysters screw their "supporters" over and over, and the people continue to bend over and take it EVERY FREAK'N TIME.

I guess a prerequisite for being a republican voter is the lack of a brain.


bandit69 t1_isf8cqf wrote

It's hard to imagine. Some people must be dumber than dirt. Hell, some of the leaders are forced to confess that they've screwed over their "constituents", yet those idiots keep giving away their money to the crooks.


bandit69 t1_isf8owt wrote

What the only "truth" you'll accept is from Alex Jones or Hannity? Two other lying pieces of shit that claim "no reasonable person would believe that we're anything other than entertainment"?


kgetit t1_isftrak wrote

Who Is that smug face behind her? What’s her role in this?


bandit69 t1_isg369e wrote

You are a piece of work. if you're a troll, I guess you need to get attention somehow. If you really believe the crap that the right is spouting, you really are mentally challenged.

And for your information, I was raised in a very traditional family - probably well before the excess sperm ran down your mother's leg. Once upon a time, I even identified as a Republican. However, I learned critical thinking skills and saw through all of their bullshit and that made me reject them. Hopefully, some day you'll grow up to do the same.


Ping-Crimson t1_isg3jkh wrote

Every single one.

Check out my podcast, my shop, my book etc.

My favorite was a guy who tried to invite me on a show "it was a livestream for 7 year old channel that had like 4 or 5 consistent viewers


Croaker3 t1_isgecxr wrote

Have you heard of Fox News? Misinformation is very profitable.


badestzazael t1_isinbgz wrote

Can't afford universal healthcare because it's helping other people and we don't have money for that. But we can donate 16 million to a fraud, charlatan and price of shit of a human being.