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008Zulu t1_iujtp3k wrote

"As rescue operations continued Monday, with the Indian military deploying navy divers to look for bodies, scrutiny turned to the company tasked with renovating and operating the bridge. The contractor, Oreva, a large manufacturer known for producing clocks and electric bikes, wrapped up a six-month renovation of the bridge on Friday, to coincide with the Gujarati New Year. It reopened to tourists without first obtaining clearance from the government, city official Sandeepsinh Zala told the Indian Express.

Zala also criticized the bridge operators for selling as many tickets as they could without controlling the flow of people.

After a day of investigation, local police arrested nine people, including two Oreva executives, two contractors, three security guards and two ticket window clerks, said Yadav, the Gujarat police official."

I hope they arrest the government official who awarded a bridge restoration contract, to a damn clock maker!


thebestever-battling t1_iukbea2 wrote

greed was the killer, cpntracting organization and other community leaders should be jailed


mtarascio t1_iujoe20 wrote

No chance they know that quickly.

This is just sacrificial lambs for show.


jethroguardian t1_iujokdx wrote

Unless they got white shirt guy, or if there was a group organizing the crowd.


mwskibumb t1_iuk3lub wrote

They arrested the window clerk.


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FreakyOnion t1_iujrvx6 wrote

I know how to swim, but I don’t know how to swim with 3-5 people grabbing and pulling me down.

Many of them did not know how to swim.


screechplank t1_iuk04vf wrote

The one where you hear the pilot say,"those are drones". At the time the Navy was conducting exercises to test out a new Northrup Grumman targeting system.