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ataw10 t1_itihkm7 wrote

*blinks in worry* WHAT THE FUCK! it just occurred to me , what exactly did they take form that exclusion zone back to Russia ? ahh fuck did they dig in the red forest to get dirt bomb material .... ?


mysticalfruit t1_itilwy4 wrote

You'd have to refine that. Those hapless fools dug into ground that was laden with radioactive particles.

Unfortunately, Russia has plenty of spent fuel and other radioactive crap they can cram into a bomb housing.


ataw10 t1_itimdeu wrote

im between there dumb as a rock an they took the dirt from Ukraine for it to be believable but than im back to they are not that smart , thats like 20 tiers above there thinking level.


Jim_from_GA t1_itkylva wrote

The point of a dirty bomb is that you don't need to refine the Uranium, just blow the junk into smithereens and let people deal with radioactive fallout. The big benefit of using Chernobyl or any other Ukrainian sourced waste is that the signature will certainly be traceable to Ukraine. If they used Russian waste, there is a chance that it could be pegged to Mother Russia.


mysticalfruit t1_itkzoc7 wrote

By refining I meant to extracting the dust particles from the soil around chernobyl.

Just picking up 2 tons of dirt around chernobyl wouldn't do much.

Unfueling a reactor and then using explosives to turn it into mist would be bad.


Jim_from_GA t1_itpp70m wrote

If it were me, I would not waste my time with either of those approaches. I would either get some highly contaminated piece of equipment that had been used near the core or an actual spent fuel rod from the cooling basin and use that. Either choice would provide what is needed without nearly the work at the level that you are thinking.

Either way, yes, it sounds like I overread your initial post.


Ludwigofthepotatoppl t1_itimjor wrote

They probably didn’t take anything out other than radiation poisoning. Russia has no shortage of radioactive material to begin with.


Tmscott t1_itji4kn wrote

The Wish Granter... how else is Vlad going to win?

"Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R!"


BoltgunOnHisHip t1_itlbq5o wrote

Whatever other problems they might have, Russia isn't exactly short of nukes and nuclear material.


stupidQuestion316 t1_itrah7u wrote

Dirt bomb, new class of weapon so not defined as a war crime perhaps? /s.

Payment to Iran for drones, perhaps, is what they took