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UnobviousDiver t1_is9zo3l wrote

New record speed run for that position.


ciaphas2037 t1_isa6p2t wrote

Technically second place, but Iain Macleod died in office rather than getting sacked


ledow t1_isb7ajj wrote

You mean Kwasi barely did as well in the job as a guy with a fatal heart condition?


ciaphas2037 t1_isb7ucg wrote

No, I think Kwasi did far worse. Not only had a similarly short period in office, but also manage to seriously fuck up the UK economy.


starscream2014 t1_isbnlzk wrote

holy shit - Look at this

Wow! In Britain you can fire an African without repercussions.

Kwasi Kwarteng only served 38 days as UK finance chief

By Peter Aitken | Fox News


Risley t1_isaouyv wrote

How many Mooches was it?


lawn_question_guy t1_isbekok wrote


Kwasi Kwarteng: 38 days. Anthony Scaramucci: 10 days.


thatoneguy889 t1_isbkqux wrote

You have to count the day he started as well, so it was actually 11 days, and that comes out to 3.45 repeating.


kdlangequalsgoddess t1_isa4qgp wrote

Kwarteng being thrown to the wolves so that they don't go after Truss (she hopes). She was already subtly throwing him under the bus in that disastrous round of local radio interviews.


manniesalado t1_isa90ao wrote

Where do you think Britain would be today if Cameron had never called that referendum? It seems like so much stability has been lost since that all got rolling.


nachobel OP t1_isa9u7c wrote

I think there’s this idea that “the right leadership” can solve the looming crisis. That’s a fallacy and I think you’re right - stability should be favored. Unfortunately the UK in the last 4 years has shown anything but that.


SpaceTabs t1_isa3eu4 wrote

He accomplished 100% of his goals. Think about that.


Pimpwerx t1_isaztst wrote

Is he a fall guy, or was the tax cut really his dumb idea? Truss shouldn't escape blame, as the timing makes this look like her idea.


l0c0pez t1_isa17md wrote

Looks like the lettuce may beat out Truss


saxxy_assassin t1_iscc40u wrote

I juat saw that. As someone across the pond, it's good to know that good parody isn't dead.