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VentureQuotes t1_iqz5tb3 wrote

> Except you don't need heroin to not-die

ehhh idk, tell that to people addicted to opiods


Dretard t1_iqz947j wrote

Former addict, DT's will not kill you. You'll wanna die, but it just punishes you.

Alcohol and benzos on the other hand can absolutely kill you when coming off.


VentureQuotes t1_iqz9f0c wrote

> You'll wanna die

guess what people do when they want to die


Dretard t1_iqzab5w wrote

If they're actively trying to get off I'd wager their will to live is far stronger than you'd think. Regardless that wasn't the inference in your post.

Withdrawals aren't all that long.