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hundredjono t1_iqy8jdz wrote

How long are we gonna keep letting Rocketman launch his shit?


flapper_mcflapsnack t1_iqyjpyq wrote

Rocket boy. Rocketman is a great song. Rocket boy is the naughty child Sid in Toy Story.

Don’t be a rocket boy. Be a rocket man.


Friedumb t1_iqyad0c wrote

Hopefully he launches a satellite eventually and finds out about the wonders of television that placated his dad so well...

That or Disneyland builds a theme park just for him...

Whilst many will claim these ideas are Unicorn ideologies; we must keep in mind the only official Unicorn sighting to this day was in North Korea.


dietchaos t1_iqz5kdo wrote

Guy plays western video games already.


ramdasani t1_ir08bl6 wrote

Supposedly he's been to Disneyland too. But yeah, he spent his formative years in the west, he's not like some civilian or something.


Friedumb t1_ir2yvzp wrote

His dad loved smoking cigars, drinking brandy, and watching John Wayne... Rules for me and not thee were and still are key. I pity those under such draconian leadership and fear the spread of it.


ramdasani t1_ir34eoe wrote

I often call people on it when they make light of the DPRK, but yeah, try to imagine what it must be like growing up in a place where anyone who wants you to disappear can just say you told them you hated the glorious leader, where people work like slaves and starve while the food they've grown is taken from them. A place where getting caught with a contraband K-pop song can mean death. Pity and empathy are all you can really feel for people who know what "Sak vid pa kanpe" means IRL.


Friedumb t1_ir35ius wrote

It's wild that we have the internet and multiple means to alleviate these issues and yet places like North Korea still exist... It is horrible that countries are still being used as the stalwart for another nation that cares so little about them. Ukraine and Russia as well as America and Afghanistan come to mind...

Tldr: I guess they need their yachts to survive?


S_K_Y t1_iqzfe7w wrote

Until he miscalculates and it actually lands somewhere that isn't determined to be international waters and an act of war.

Only then will we get to spank the baby.


Xaser125 t1_ir0frvi wrote

Isn't flying over it already that?


skttlskttl t1_ir0kcmd wrote

They launch them so high up they're basically in lower orbit.


Xaser125 t1_ir1cqwd wrote

Ah, but knowing where it comes from, I think its a matter of time till they go puff and land on the wrong spot and all hell goes loose


skttlskttl t1_ir1rq84 wrote

I actually think the likelihood of a malfunctioning rocket being fired over Japan is extremely small. N Korea understands that these tests make them just enough of a threat to their enemies that they won't attack N Korea. But if a test goes wrong and one of those missiles drops out of the sky and lands in Japanese territory, Japan and their allies (America first in line) now have a valid reasoning for invading and dismantling their government and military. N Korea is likely only launching their absolute best rockets with the above understanding about how perfectly things have to go for them.


TowelPuzzleheaded665 t1_iqyhonv wrote

Don't worry, the sanctions should start deterring any day now.


HiImDan t1_iqyl64a wrote

I think the point is to weaken North Korea.


TowelPuzzleheaded665 t1_iqymug1 wrote

I would argue they're stronger & more dangerous now than they have been in years.


PenguinSunday t1_iqyvi8k wrote

You'd be wrong. They're pretty ravaged by covid and famine.


TowelPuzzleheaded665 t1_iqyvquf wrote

They're technology isn't.


PenguinSunday t1_iqyww8o wrote

Their* technology still hasn't killed anything but unfortunate fish and North Koreans. When it has, I'll agree.


[deleted] t1_iqzi39h wrote

They have killed several South Korean soldiers within the last twenty years. The problem isn’t their technology so much as their sheer numbers and determination if they were to engage in some sort of military conflict. Their technology is outdated, but still deadly for countries within close range, and their ballistic missiles can allegedly reach the US mainland.


jesset77 t1_iqyvm8l wrote

So's the flu. Doesn't mean they aren't weaker compared to if we let more people trade arms with them or whatev ;)


katsukare t1_iqzdsdh wrote

As long as he likes. This has been going on for decades.


[deleted] t1_iqygd03 wrote



the_than_then_guy t1_iqyhr79 wrote

North Korea had 26 missile test launches during Trump's presidency, including its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

I cannot think of any comment that could be as uninformed as yours.


wellwhal t1_iqyjfuw wrote

Its not about being informed, its about talking out of your ass and hoping nobody looks it up.


Noahdl88 t1_iqyjsre wrote

He was writing love notes to Trump, also not great


OnSandersFuckStick t1_iqyjtsv wrote

So do you just regurgitate this shit in hopes your orange daddy will notice you?

Is that it?


Silversky615 t1_iqy8msg wrote

Don’t forget about us!!!! -Sincerely, Upper South Korea


JustShibzThings t1_iqya1pc wrote

When i used to live in Japan, this was very common...

You actually get used to it, but i know it could actually eventually hit land. And of course, no, they shouldn't be doing this.


islandofcaucasus t1_iqyag6q wrote

I was heading home from a 8 month deployment with the navy and we just hit Phillipines when that asshole launched some missiles. Rumors started immediately that we were turning around. I could have puked from the disappointment. Thankfully it never came to pass


alien_from_Europa t1_iqye026 wrote

Does Japan not have the ability to shoot these missiles down that get too close to their waters?


iikun t1_iqyupuz wrote

Nth Korean missiles fired over Japan often are so high up they’re basically in space (100kms altitude). No word on this latest one yet, but I daresay Japan would’ve loved to shoot it down and their not doing that makes me think it was flying at an altitude beyond the capability of interceptors.


Aazadan t1_iqz52gc wrote

It might be possible if one were on a trajectory to hit Japan (it's not really proven one way or the other). But, North Korea is basically just trying to provoke a response like that. North Korea doesn't actually want to hit Japan in an attack so they either shoot really high where interception can't reach, or they shoot into the ocean "near" Japan a ways over them.


vetsetradio t1_ir036oo wrote

I'm no fan of the DPRK, but if you want to get to space from there (or anywhere) your easiest path is East due to Earth's rotation; from N Korea that means right over Japan. I'm sure the response you speak of is a bonus for Kim Jong-un, but if they are shooting for space, there exists no better direction to launch than East.


DeadLikeYou t1_ir2en6w wrote

Do you think the missile was NK trying to launch a satellite?


vetsetradio t1_ir3gms6 wrote

And they hit the missile button by accident? I doubt it.

It was probably something like a Hwasong-12 --- The missile traveled nearly 3,000 miles and reached Mach 17, with an apogee of 970km (~602 miles), well above the Karman Line of 62 miles (the common definition of where space starts).


brockwallace t1_iqyfnsu wrote

It's north Korea.

A 12 year old with a paper plane on the coast of Japan can shoot their missiles down.


Parzivus t1_iqz4ul9 wrote

IDK if you realize this but that just isn't how it works. ICBMs travel several miles per second in the reentry phase and typically have multiple projectiles. The idea that you can just "shoot it down" is mostly a lie fed by overpaid defense contractors


brockwallace t1_iqz4ymm wrote

Well I mean... I said it could be shot down with a paper plane.. So....


ID0ntCare4G0b t1_iqymsob wrote

Missile defense systems are notoriously ineffective and widely considered a propaganda ploy that only countries that spend way too much money on defense pursue.


Sonofarson t1_iqyl2vs wrote

Mr. Rodman, we could use a little bit of your diplomatic magic here. Just go over there and play some ball with Kim Jong Un, let him win a couple games of horse. He just needs to be validated every so often.


Cfp0001-Iceman t1_iqyqe8a wrote

China really needs to get NK under control. Even if they don't start a war themselves, NK might do it for them. The only reason NK is so brave is because China stands behind it. IMO, this is all on China to get under control.


Luis12285 t1_iqym6zn wrote

Ukrainian joining NATO and N. Korea shooting practice nukes. WW3 on TikTok gonna be 🔥


Kashm1r_Sp1r1t t1_iqyjfkt wrote

He needs to chill out and listen to some Katy Perry


collektemon t1_ir2g1tw wrote

What does this headline even mean? Did it fly over Japan or not?


SkunkMonkey t1_iqyl23v wrote

Lil Kim expanding his war on the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean.


evert198201 t1_iqzc69k wrote

Why doesn't Japan shoot them out of the sky with some sort of defense?


CyAScott t1_iqz4qju wrote

Looks like someone needs attention again. Give them aid and maybe make a visit and it will all be over for the next few years.


andreibrcg t1_iqze52l wrote

couldnt be intercepted?!


CritaCorn t1_iqylw0z wrote

But I thought Trump was amazing and did amazing things fixing this amazing relationship he had with Kim…