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westplains1865 t1_ir1oubr wrote

>investigators found the case and the letter had no signs of damage, and they discovered a document on Duhaime’s computer that was “word-for-word” the same as the threatening letter

>Authorities also said when Duhaime showed his “several small, superficial marks or bruises” on his forearms to the responding officer, he rolled up long sleeves that did not appear to have damage.

Law enforcement must be very appreciative when suspects are as dumb as this guy.


MalcolmLinair t1_ir1skof wrote

Wow, all he had to do was film himself setting it up, and he'd have managed the anti-Perfect Crime.


Chadmartigan t1_ir1z3x0 wrote

How are you not gonna mention the letter itself?

>He also told investigators he found a threatening note with the case that accused the lab of secretly working for Facebook and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg in a US government plot to take over society through virtual reality, according to the complaint.

Bringing his new Q fanfic to life. Imagine getting so bent out of shape about fucking metaverse.


Unfair-Tap-850 t1_ir5fh15 wrote

Sounds more like schizophrenia or another mental illness. The guy up the street from me living in the van was telling me he was in the phone with the navy seals that killed bin laden during the raid. Then he stabbed my neighbor (his buddy) in the abdomen.


American_Stereotypes t1_ir7lglu wrote

Well, that escalated wildly.


Unfair-Tap-850 t1_iriy0ai wrote

Well he did get released a month later and moved his living van down to the next block so there is that. Bill the stabee is doing ok, if you don't address the severe alcoholism which let to him crashing his car, then another, then loosing all his front teeth in a bar fight... living is hard in your sixties.


Thedrunner2 t1_ir1l4q4 wrote

And he would’ve gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling Northeastern university on campus detective club kids and their dog.


SheriffComey t1_ir1pd6w wrote

"Like, Hey Scoob! Is that the University cafeteria?!"


TheLegendsClub t1_ir1wjs7 wrote

Fun fact; the BPD HQ building is right across the street from NU. I got to witness the entire Marathon bombing response from my 20th floor room over finals week


Malaix t1_ir25x3s wrote

Bomb threat. Good joke man. Enjoy being on all those fun domestic terrorist lists.

Had a upperclassman in high school do a bomb threat prank. It was a piece of cardboard with a "there is a bomb in locker 325" written on it stuck to a wall with gum.

Bomb squad came in. did a full sweep, investigation caught the two dipshits responsible. Full expulsion one of them was a senior so they missed prom and graduation. Family got saddled with the bill.

Good prank man. /s

No one is going to give a shit if you bomb threat a place and then go "it was just a prank bro!" you will get hammered with consequences.


HenCarrier t1_ir31g88 wrote

I did it middle school. Wrote it on 09/10/01, the day before the terrorist attacks. The person it was intended for didn’t find it till the next day. Definitely learned my lesson. Haven’t been in trouble with the law since.


jibjaba4 t1_ir2hquo wrote

I don't get what he was trying to achieve.


davisyoung t1_ir2r5r6 wrote

Article said he was arrested in Texas so maybe he ran out of vacation days?


GarlicBreadRules t1_ir24d60 wrote

My retired ATF cousin once told me, "even after it explodes, the whole bomb is still there."


Goddess_Peorth t1_ir2g1p6 wrote

Honestly it sounds like he was experiencing a mental health crisis, he should be checked for schizophrenia. He might really believe he's the victim of a VR conspiracy.


cedarapple t1_ir2zkvk wrote

He’s in his mid forties, which is a little late for schizophrenia to emerge. Whatever his problem is he picked a creative way to ruin his life.


jstank2 t1_ir1k55j wrote

Nothing to see here move along now