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h0p3ofAMBE t1_itl1loc wrote

It’s official he’s the prime minister. Odds on him lasting till the “2024 election”?


TedKFan6969 t1_itl1zkg wrote

If they change him before '24 and don't call an election, none of them are gonna last at the 2024 election.


[deleted] t1_itl4zhe wrote



pollok112 t1_itl6j1u wrote

Tories have been in power for twelve years not two decades,in that time they have been ahead of Labour in opinion polls until last week

Now they are well behind and would lose around 200 mps if there was a vote tomorrow


CrashB111 t1_itl9osz wrote

The problem is people have goldfish memories so they have a couple years for everyone to forget their fuck ups. And in the meantime they can beat the good ole racism drums to scare people into voting for them.


ajlunce t1_itlthu7 wrote

Labour have been leading in the polls since December of last year and have led the conservatives several times over the last decade, what are you talking about?


kingfrito_5005 t1_itlweg1 wrote

Well they weren't averaging a new PM every 3 weeks during most of those two decades.


Jebus_UK t1_itldy4f wrote

The public should demand one now - it's ludicrous.


mushroomwig t1_itl213w wrote

Pretty good odds I think, winning the next election though? No way 😂 unless something amazing happens in the next couple of years that give them another pass


h0p3ofAMBE t1_itl2458 wrote

Haha the odds of some thing amazing happening are probably lower than him winning the next general election


mistergoodguy20 t1_itl89ro wrote

This just in, Queen Victoria has had enough of the Torie cabinet, and has come back from death to assert direct rule over England.

And in other news, is child labor the future for your family? More at 5.


Starman68 t1_itm1zfl wrote

I doubt he’ll make it much after eight o clock.