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rhubarbrhubarb78 t1_itl85nl wrote

Rishi is the best of a terrible bunch. This isn't saying much, as he's still a rich Tory, used to be a Goldman Sachs banker, and was Chancellor during Boris Johnson's terrible government. His government will (probably) not do anything as stupid as Truss as quickly, but the gradual erosion of civil liberties, crippling of the NHS, and slow collapse of the economy under Brexit will still continue.

Like the rest of them, he hasn't avoided scandal himself - his wife dodges her taxes, and he was the architect of 'Eat Out To Help Out', an intiative during the peak of Covid in Summer 2020 that encouraged people to go out and eat. It cost a shit tonne of money, as the govt subsidised restaurants, and saw a massive raise in cases and deaths. Great work.

Looking to future general elections, the Conservative Party (and UK politics as a whole) has been chasing the right-wing, 'middle England' vote for decades. This shift is why Brexit was even considered, and why a proper left-wing alternative to the Conservatives hasn't emerged (Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have a lot in common). Electing Sunak may shoot the Tories in the foot here, as a lot of these people are racist af and won't vote for him because he's brown and has a 'funny' name. Sunak was the most popular amongst MPs three months ago too, the press played him up as the obvious choice and as a safe, capable pair of hands after the mess of BoJo, but they had to ask the party membership and Truss won their vote pretty decisively.... for some reason.

Let's not mince words here - these people are thick, racist twats. Fuck 'em. But the Tories have 2 years to try and convince these dickheads that Rishi is one of the good ones, actually. And he has to avoid making any stupid policy decisions and crashing the economy even further. Which, as a Tory, will be very hard for him to do.

Verdict? Meh. BoJo would have been worse, and the rest of the current Tory frontline are degenerate swine. Rishi is at least vaguely normal.


NecromanticSolution t1_itle847 wrote

> Truss won their vote pretty decisively.... for some reason.

Empty promises. She promised castles in the sky while his ones were somewhat more restrained. So the Tory members chose to chase a cheap illusion instead of dealing with reality.


MilfagardVonBangin t1_itlux0h wrote

Plus the party membership supported her because she’s permanently rimming Boris. Sunak only had the parliamentary party voting.


thatbakedpotato t1_itlvyk7 wrote

Starmer is most definitely left-wing lmao.


busyandtired t1_itn07oq wrote

He's really more centrist than you think.


thatbakedpotato t1_its24p0 wrote

I’ve read his entire manifesto, watched his speech at the conference, and followed his interviews. He isn’t super left, but he is 100% left wing. Unless you define left wing as exclusively Corbynite disciples, which is massively reductionist.

If the left wing in Britain wants to keep defining its leaders as socialist or bust, it’s never gonna win again. I’d rather see a moderate left like Starmer actually govern than a leader I 100% agree with keep failing.


busyandtired t1_itsq2hn wrote

Starmer couldn't even be bothered to support the striking RMT workers. If that is left wing, you and I have different ideas of what that is.

A moderate is not what the UK needs.


busyandtired t1_itn033d wrote

Best of the bunch is a stupid way to put it. He sucks ass.


Starman68 t1_itm1kpe wrote

Can I ask you if you think Labour will face similar problems when they get in power? Seems to me that Brexit chews up PMs. I don’t see Labour being hugely united despite Keith doing a good leadership job so far. Do you think he’ll get in and go for immediate improvement of relations with the EU (despite what he says now?)


woopdedoodah t1_itlq3cd wrote

>Jeremy Corbyn

was found to be an 'anti-semite' by the UK's own equality and human rights commission. I mean... how can you accuse anyone of being a racist twat and then prop this guy up?