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Jebus_UK t1_itlefqc wrote

>He's an utter cunt.

About right - not quite as much of a cunt as Johnson though. If Johnson had got the nod the party and government would probably have collapsed - 100% As it stands - they have an 80% chance of collapsing.

I don't think the factions in the party will be united under Sunak. I don't think they woukd have under Johnson either. Which is why they should call a GE - throw it back to the people but they won't


OutsideObserver t1_itlve19 wrote

With parliamentary systems I always see people talking about "calling an election" - do they also happen automatically based on time or are they only called in certain circumstances?


thatbakedpotato t1_itlvty2 wrote

They must happen every 4-5 years, but they can happen sooner, which restarts the countdown until another must be called.


OutsideObserver t1_itlwx6r wrote

That is how I always assumed it was but thought I'd ask for clarification, thank you!