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SterlingMNO t1_itlfjgv wrote

Same policies as the rest of them, but has financial chops, however his running of the economy has been horrific up till now, whether it's the endless tax hikes (more hikes in 2 years than brown did in a decade), whether it's his 'eat out to help out' scheme which was absoltuely moronic during covid. Whether it was the money he paid companies (lets face it, probably ran by his friends) during covid to deliver services they never did, writing off billions of pounds of tax payer money.

Then there's the scandals and things that generally just stink like shit.

  • He held a US green card, classing himself as a permanent resident of the US while in government.
  • He's also married to a billionaire who's been dodging tax for YEARS.
  • He openly admitted to funnelling government money away from deprived working class areas to prop up the budgets of upper-class wealthy areas, because let's face it, that's who his core supporters are.
  • He likes to do photo shoots in little cars pretending it's his own, but actually borrowed from a Sainsbury's worker who probably lives paycheck to paycheck because of his policies.
  • He owns 5 cars at different homes. Land Rovers and the like.
  • He calls himself 'a northerner like you', even though he was raised in SOUTHampton. The clue is in the name.
  • He was raised by a wealthy family and went to a prestigious private boarding school, and he's now worth about £1billion, but somehow likes to act like he had humble beginnings and is just a working class bloke! Until he's infront of his cronies, and then he's full greedy goldman sachs banker mode.

He will be no different then Boris, or Truss. Potentially worse because of his absolute arrogance and the gall of him to have the track record he does and still run for PM, but it makes little to no difference, it's all public perception, the reality is that he too, is a complete cunt, and he too, will continue to degrade the economy, the NHS, and strip away benefits.

The only guy in that party that I wanted to be PM is Ben Wallace, and he openly said he didn't want the job. Another reason why he's the only person I want to have the job.


TimeTraveler3056 t1_itlyjri wrote

Is there anybody else in any party ? Who decides-Do you get to vote?


SterlingMNO t1_itm0um9 wrote

Only conservative party members can vote afaik.

No one else in the party is worthy besides Ben Wallace that I know of


TimeTraveler3056 t1_itmybjl wrote

What about a different side? Or no side? Why just the conservatives?


SterlingMNO t1_itmykou wrote

Because its a conservative government. It's not a general election, it's an election of whos going to lead the conservative party, so naturally it's conservative party members who decide.


LongStrangeTrips t1_itniwau wrote

I get that these are the rules, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. Surely if you’d gone through two leaders already, there are people from other parties who deserve a chance now.


SterlingMNO t1_itnj6kj wrote

Maybe, but the fact is the people voted in this party. And this party will stay it's term and elect a new leader.


alexmikli t1_itpso7r wrote

So in 2019 the voters voted for conservatives who voted for Boris. The public essentially elects the party that governs, but the party chooses who the PM is. This isn't a general election, it's replacing a PM who fell out of favor.