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leelougirl89 t1_itmsa72 wrote

If anyone is curious, GG stands for Governal General. The GG is a stand in for the King or Queen in a British Colony (like Canada) since the King can’t physically be in all of his colonies at once.

Just like British Kings/Queens, the Governer General:

-doesn’t usually get involved unless it’s super duper crisis time and the Prime Minister needs help. -is mostly known for giving out awards. -is not elected by the people. (The colony’s Prime Minister picks one and gets final approval from the Queen/King).

Our last one was a super accomplished astronaut... who was apparently SUCH an extremely nasty and cruel boss to her staff that there was an entire legal investigation done by an outside lawfirm. They confirmed she was a b-word. Yeah she was fired. Or she quit. That was quite the drama.

I didn’t know the GG had the power to call an election.

Cool :)