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TimeTraveler3056 t1_itmybjl wrote

What about a different side? Or no side? Why just the conservatives?


SterlingMNO t1_itmykou wrote

Because its a conservative government. It's not a general election, it's an election of whos going to lead the conservative party, so naturally it's conservative party members who decide.


LongStrangeTrips t1_itniwau wrote

I get that these are the rules, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. Surely if you’d gone through two leaders already, there are people from other parties who deserve a chance now.


SterlingMNO t1_itnj6kj wrote

Maybe, but the fact is the people voted in this party. And this party will stay it's term and elect a new leader.


alexmikli t1_itpso7r wrote

So in 2019 the voters voted for conservatives who voted for Boris. The public essentially elects the party that governs, but the party chooses who the PM is. This isn't a general election, it's replacing a PM who fell out of favor.