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poirotoro t1_ir32qyg wrote

Pacific Ocean: "What the fuck did I do to deserve all of this?!" >:(


ShortysTRM t1_ir302te wrote

We are calling everyone's bluffs all at once apparently. I know people will find a way to criticize the decision to engage with dangerous leaders, but I think it's pretty badass compared to just kissing their asses for 4 years.


tr3v1n t1_ir30tam wrote

But it was such a beautiful letter!


Fraun_Pollen t1_ir31e9p wrote

Appeasement has rarely ever worked: just postpones a confrontation or depends on internal change doing the job for you


ShortysTRM t1_ir31zuc wrote

What about fawning over every word they say? Seems they start helping your campaign and your bank account at that point. You just have to give up all of your morals and your national security.


YouAreMicroscopic t1_ir45hki wrote

Nobody actually wants a US that doesn’t give a fuck anymore. That’s scarier than anything anybody can throw at us.


HiImDan t1_ir3q3u0 wrote

The US should work with SpaceX and make a Falcon 9 land right in the middle of Pyongyang and have a cartoon "boom" sign come out, then take off again into the ocean.


IamSauerKraut t1_ir38slk wrote

Next time rocket boy sends an object directly over Japan, shoot the fn thing down. Send a message.


sjfiuauqadfj t1_ir3qc0s wrote

anti ballistic missile technology is really shitty so it may just be embarrassing for us lol


Azmoten t1_ir38pnt wrote

We can all rest easy knowing that Poseidon and his Atlanteans are beaten back for another day.


ivytea t1_ir3bzyb wrote

This is what your appeasement and “friendship” has come to, (ex-) President Moon. Now may you be convicted and rot in jail


CritaCorn t1_ir41jjt wrote

“Round and round we go, who will hit who first? Nobody knows!”


manofmystry t1_ir3xbbo wrote

Just out of curiosity, how many millions of dollars does this little chest-thumping exercise cost the American taxpayers?


Friedumb t1_ir3kwd8 wrote

If things fail try again and shoot your missile higher. Nothing works quite like comparing length with a megalomaniac...

Tldr: Why do they want war so bad?


littlebigman9 t1_ir33h3k wrote

We are faaaaacked. Hopefully we’re not all dead before the weekend. I have plans.


sposeso t1_ir3eszc wrote

Read as “i have plane” and for a second I was like well that must be nice. Then it was plans and still that must be nice, not as nice as a plane, but nice. I had to share because maybe someone out there will find it funny idk.