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fudgy_brownies t1_iue1go1 wrote

70 dead and around 100 still trapped in the water. There's no electricity in the area which is making rescue operations difficult (it's night in India). A clearer picture will probably emerge in the morning.

The bridge was hurriedly renovated and re-opened 4 days ago without proper checks/fitness certificate because elections are coming up.


doofleton t1_iuefvsd wrote

A few years ago when a flyover collapsed in another poll bound state in India, killing several people, our current Prime Minister said, to applause, it was "a message from God" not to vote for his rivals in their govt.Today it is his own party that was in power when this bridge collapsed and their supporters here will.tell you "not to politicise" the incident. Only they are allowed to politicise the deaths of citizens.

Watch him say it here


kekentyl t1_iuf3bnl wrote

I guess that's a pretty universal phenomenon, huh.


adamjm t1_iugxzjg wrote

They really work hard to keep their country miserable over there. Group effort.


Ameisen t1_iuiqrkt wrote

They also corrupt schools. There is an entire Hindu Nationalist movement in history and linguistics, pushing that Indo-Europeans came from India, and that Sanskrit is the root language.

Despite the massive amounts of evidence and research to the contrary, if you disagree with them they just call you racist.


Important-Owl1661 t1_iufe3fi wrote

I'm not defending the colonial era but I have to say they built good shit back in the day... most of those British Railways are still being patched together, too

These days it looks like India is suffering from the same privatizing/profitizing that the US and others are suffering from.


Arndt3002 t1_iufhfzv wrote

Are you implying that the entire British empire wasn't a system of privatization and profiting? That's a wild take.

The problem is corruption and, in this case, politics coming before safety.


Kronis1 t1_iufs98h wrote

The problem is unchecked capitalism.


gritty_badger t1_iugr2b9 wrote

There are bridges that don't even exist in the real world in the communist states in India.


Eric1491625 t1_iugtnfk wrote

>I'm not defending the colonial era but I have to say they built good shit back in the day... most of those British Railways are still being patched together, too

Imagine thinking the stuff in the colonial era was safe and good. 19th century construction was so extremely dangerous that even people in Britain were dying by the thousands to crappy safety designs.


hopumi t1_iugv40v wrote

Meanwhile the Pyramids...


Ameisen t1_iuir009 wrote

Are giant piles of rock. I mean, it's hard for those to fail.


1Banana10Dollars t1_iudx3vm wrote

God so many mass casualty events these last few days. Horrible weekend for the world.


rikki-tikki-deadly t1_iuf6gej wrote

Also, Ukraine reported 950 casualties of Russian troops - one of the highest since the beginning of the conflict.


Important-Owl1661 t1_iufedye wrote

Yes but they are targeted by Putin this is just ineptitude and incompetence


kitsunewarlock t1_iufezjn wrote

Ineptitude for political points by a party backed by Putin...


[deleted] t1_iuf7rnw wrote



Donovan_Wilson_GOAT t1_iuf9ip4 wrote

Yeah, it’s overpopulation. Humans are such a nasty invasive species


dickshark420 t1_iufhx6t wrote

We'll start with you and your family then.

Doesn't feel edgy when it hits home, does it?


Donovan_Wilson_GOAT t1_iufjcih wrote

I’m human and humans are selfish. We should all die but I’m chillin, I just try to cut out meat from factory farms, volounteer at homeless shelters and bike to work.✌️☮️


frodosdream t1_iudngk7 wrote

>Gujarat's Morbi Machchhu River Pull Collapse: In a big mishap, over 500 people have fell in a river in Gujarat's Morbi after an overbridge constructed over the Machchhu River collapsed. Local people and government officials have started their rescue operations. As per initial inputs, the bridge is a local picnic spot that sees huge crowds on weekends and other holidays.

From another source, which goes on to say that this overbridge was "constructed in extreme haste" and "without proper checks" as part of an election promise six months ago. Probably not the safest place for a thousand people to have picnics on. Terrifying and tragic for all the families that fell into the river.


Outlulz t1_iuecqey wrote

I was just arguing with someone complaining how major infrastructure projects in America take too long and we should be more like China and India who have bridges up in days. Who in their right mind would trade speed for the sake of speed over safety?


BrownMan65 t1_iueu299 wrote

The bridge was renovated recently, not built recently. The bridge has been around for 143 years.


Outlulz t1_iueudsv wrote

Renovation or built, the recent project was a rush job without safety in mind.


Umeshpunk t1_iuf215k wrote

No level of renovation would have made this bridge hold 500 people when it's capacity is only 100.


Important-Owl1661 t1_iufemes wrote

This wasn't the first holiday it was used, and yet, the British-built version lasted 143 years 🤷🏻‍♂️


TransposingJons t1_iuerh3x wrote

Those kind of people have bought the Republikkkan propaganda that "REgUlatIonS R bAd". They either are, or would be, the get-rich-quick sleeze-balls who want money, but don't care what happens after "I've got mine!".


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iudxcg7 wrote

Six months? I mean, had you said six years I'd at least understand, poor construction plus overweight vehicles and rust can do damage fast. Six months means these poor people didn't have a chance. Does India/that province even do bi-yearly checks? Guess this is why some stuff gets checked very soon after construction, as an addition to during.

Edit: Video of the aftermath in the /r/CatastrophicFailure subreddit for those who are interested.


EscapeVelocity01 t1_iudxp2x wrote

There's this video circulating of people trying to create a "wave" by grabbing on a shaking the ropes


SnakeDoctur t1_iudzsy2 wrote

Very dangerous if they happen to hit the resonating frequency of the structure


Stormtech5 t1_iue0v0m wrote

I had a teacher who used to work testing resonating frequencies on satellites going up on rockets. Didn't want a launch wasted because it busted sensitive communication equipment.


SnakeDoctur t1_iufhjor wrote

There's been a number of military reports throughout history of a battalion of soldiers marching across a bridge and causing it to buckle like leather. Myth busters did a great episode on it as well albeit on a much smaller scale


doofleton t1_iug7jxu wrote

Again, this was debunked, that was a video from 2018. If you're suggesting this 2018 "wave" collapsed the bridge in 2022 when it was supposedly repaired a few months ago, then I also have a large white building in Agra that you might want to buy.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iudya3w wrote

Huh, will be interested to hear new information as/if it comes out. I just want to know to what extreme the bridge was pushed to cause the failure, or which extremes I guess. Rarely is it usually one singular issue but a series of failures on stuff. Overloading a bridge with people (can you do that? Vehicles are heavy, but are people more dense when shoved together?) then having them undulate the bridge would cause some serious stresses I'd imagine. Pair that with quick/shoddy construction, I could easily see that happening.


EET_Learner t1_iuhjjsy wrote

I've read before that India has a rampant problem with unaccredited engineering schools. This could be a possible explanation to why these things keep happening.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_iuhjttj wrote

Huh, I never knew that. Yeah, that could certainly be a problem. If that's the case, I'd imagine corruption and issues like that extend to quite a few organizations/industries then. It's scary when you remember events like Bhopal, and how they can (and do, sadly) still happen today.


The_Yarichin_Bitch t1_iue3zix wrote

I mean, ik on r/amusementdark you can gaurentee their fair/circus rides are gonna have a mass catastrophe, so I wonder if they happen to have little to no safety regulation... And on that case, they're more like China than they thought 😮‍💨


Gaidenx t1_iue4vad wrote

Wtf is going on this week?? The korean halloween tragedy, Somalian car bombings and now this???


musical_fanatic t1_iudyw5q wrote

Everyday I'm closer to becoming a hermit


Anom8675309 t1_iue42os wrote

There was a trend in the late 1800s to have a hermit living on your property in the back yard. You could invite your friends over and stare at them for a while like a fancy pet.

I'm paying minimum wage, lets colab.


PlantPotStew t1_iueyprq wrote

Honestly? For min wage I’d probably go for it. Give me any random trinkets you don’t want and I’m sold (buttons, marbles, idc I have low standards. I even enjoy literal trash)

I’d plant fresh herbs, flowers and collect any fruit/berry trees/bushes you got. Bake fresh bread, pickle, jam, dehydrate and smoke everything, make whatever you want from scratch (assuming you provide the materials. I work with pretty much any material.). I’d put little pies on your window sill in the evening occasionally, or small gifts.

And if you need a favour I’ll help out, don’t mind at all. I’d organize anything you want (even make custom storage), I absolutely love organizing, any job that lets me do that as a living I’d die for, I like figuring out efficient ways to do things.

Hell, I’d even wear a costume, tell riddles and hide in bushes to scare any ex’s/in laws you’re not fond of.

I think I would genuinely be living my best life. Get to enjoy my isolation, get to feel helpful/competent and make things with my hands.

Was thinking of running off into the country and doing this, I keep thinking I like people but then I actually interact with them :/ and I’m autistic, asexual and aromantic. There is some ideal of being able to share in a loving community… like pot lucks and stuff sound nice but eh. Just need to figure out what job I can be competent in that allows me to work from home and isn’t an abusive environment. I realized I’ve suffered from extreme burnout just by living/masking… can’t function anymore and the only way I can see me being okay is if I somehow pull this off :(


Anom8675309 t1_iuf31wt wrote

I love that there seems to be some kind of competition for people to live like hermit in my backyard.

Sadly I was only joking, I have a teenager freeloading off me atm, she's like a hermit, but hates me.


teecrafty t1_iug0hiz wrote

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your dream hermit life. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter .


nzodd t1_iugru6u wrote

I can only afford the crab version.


Divio42 t1_iuios73 wrote

Pratchett has one of these hermits in the book Snuff.


_yogesh_ t1_iueunlg wrote

This bridge was built over machchhu river, a dam also collapsed there in 1979 killing between 1,800-25,000 people back then.

"1979 Machchhu dam failure - Wikipedia"


autumnnoel95 t1_iuf2otv wrote

Between 1800 and 25000? That's a range


_yogesh_ t1_iug0e6t wrote

The govt back then confirmed 1,800 deaths but may be the observers has another view.

Though I checked online, most of the media articles quotes death between 5,000-10,000.


National-Art3488 t1_iuf4r1f wrote

I doubt that many people died. It would be in one of the worst disasters


RevolutionaryStar824 t1_iufn011 wrote

Why is it such a big range? Why don't they know the exact amount of people that died?


_yogesh_ t1_iufw6mv wrote

Govt officially confirmed around 1,800 deaths

May be observers believe 25,000 deaths


Tiabb t1_iuf8ch4 wrote

JFC not a good weekend.


Gamma-512 t1_iufiwh8 wrote

I’m sad to hear this. My heart goes out to them


Thumpd2 t1_iufzlsk wrote

Common sense could have avoided this problem. Cross the bridge in an orderly fashion.


whereitsat23 t1_iufddwn wrote

The gods have really demanded some sacrifices this weekend


Dependent-Plane5522 t1_iuh6cin wrote

4,000 for each of the dead and 50,000 for each injured. Hmmmmmmmm🤔


Falcon3492 t1_iue45lv wrote

The sign did say capacity 349.


[deleted] t1_iue0605 wrote



doofleton t1_iueed6y wrote

The post you linked has been removed and the thread repeatedly debunked this claim. It's an old video that pre-dates the incident.

It's more relevant to point out the shoddy construction and failure to control number of persons on the bridge than to blame those who drowned. If a bridge collapse because a few people jumped and shook the wires it wasn't sturdy to begin with. Why are you and your friends at the sub you linked not holding the govt accountable? Wasn't it repaired four days ago? Why instead are you showing an old pre-repair video and trying to pass it off as the cause?

Bridge didn't have fitness certificate

Stop spreading fake news.


fudgy_brownies t1_iuef171 wrote

The above video is 4-years old, being recirculated on twitter and broadcast live on TV to try and deflect the blame from the government.

There is vegetation in this old video but today, there was no vegetation, only water in the river. Also this video is during daylight while the bridge collapsed at night.

Link to the 4-year old video on youtube:


sarcastroll t1_iufu7x9 wrote

Are you spreading lies on purpose, or were you fooled?


Anom8675309 t1_iue4ae2 wrote

I'm speechless wondering how this could have happened.