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Outlulz t1_iuecqey wrote

I was just arguing with someone complaining how major infrastructure projects in America take too long and we should be more like China and India who have bridges up in days. Who in their right mind would trade speed for the sake of speed over safety?


BrownMan65 t1_iueu299 wrote

The bridge was renovated recently, not built recently. The bridge has been around for 143 years.


Outlulz t1_iueudsv wrote

Renovation or built, the recent project was a rush job without safety in mind.


Umeshpunk t1_iuf215k wrote

No level of renovation would have made this bridge hold 500 people when it's capacity is only 100.


Important-Owl1661 t1_iufemes wrote

This wasn't the first holiday it was used, and yet, the British-built version lasted 143 years 🤷🏻‍♂️


TransposingJons t1_iuerh3x wrote

Those kind of people have bought the Republikkkan propaganda that "REgUlatIonS R bAd". They either are, or would be, the get-rich-quick sleeze-balls who want money, but don't care what happens after "I've got mine!".