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PlantPotStew t1_iueyprq wrote

Honestly? For min wage I’d probably go for it. Give me any random trinkets you don’t want and I’m sold (buttons, marbles, idc I have low standards. I even enjoy literal trash)

I’d plant fresh herbs, flowers and collect any fruit/berry trees/bushes you got. Bake fresh bread, pickle, jam, dehydrate and smoke everything, make whatever you want from scratch (assuming you provide the materials. I work with pretty much any material.). I’d put little pies on your window sill in the evening occasionally, or small gifts.

And if you need a favour I’ll help out, don’t mind at all. I’d organize anything you want (even make custom storage), I absolutely love organizing, any job that lets me do that as a living I’d die for, I like figuring out efficient ways to do things.

Hell, I’d even wear a costume, tell riddles and hide in bushes to scare any ex’s/in laws you’re not fond of.

I think I would genuinely be living my best life. Get to enjoy my isolation, get to feel helpful/competent and make things with my hands.

Was thinking of running off into the country and doing this, I keep thinking I like people but then I actually interact with them :/ and I’m autistic, asexual and aromantic. There is some ideal of being able to share in a loving community… like pot lucks and stuff sound nice but eh. Just need to figure out what job I can be competent in that allows me to work from home and isn’t an abusive environment. I realized I’ve suffered from extreme burnout just by living/masking… can’t function anymore and the only way I can see me being okay is if I somehow pull this off :(


Anom8675309 t1_iuf31wt wrote

I love that there seems to be some kind of competition for people to live like hermit in my backyard.

Sadly I was only joking, I have a teenager freeloading off me atm, she's like a hermit, but hates me.


teecrafty t1_iug0hiz wrote

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your dream hermit life. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter .