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InternationalFailure t1_ir3wxqo wrote

I did not know there was an Armenian Mob.


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InternationalFailure t1_ir3xihe wrote

I mean what exactly is the range of the Armenian mob?


sjfiuauqadfj t1_ir3xuaq wrote

mostly in the los angeles area


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UrbanGhost114 t1_ir41u2w wrote

That's what someone who has definitely been to California, but doesn't want people to know they have definitely been to California would say!


superbugger t1_ir6phon wrote

Welp they own a bunch of bars in my part of the Midwest.


BinaryBlasphemy t1_ir48pn7 wrote

Much like in Russia, when the soviet union collapsed the mob ruled Armenia. They still control one of the main political parties there.


ZealousidealIncome t1_ir5chcs wrote

Organized crime in some countries is a distinction made only through the lens of modern media. The Russian mob began as early as the 1720s, La Cosa Nostra has roots in the 19th century.


Ok-Tap-4824 t1_ir4lh5h wrote

At least here in Los Angeles, they're practically a subset of the Mexican Mafia.

America is an amazing place.


BinaryBlasphemy t1_ir5p08h wrote

You’re reffering to the Armenian Mafia which is a US based gang. No direct relation to Armenian Mob, in fact there are rumors that the mob has orders to shoot any Armenian Mafia members on sight.


RostamSurena t1_ir7wuo3 wrote

I can see them putting aside their differences to deal with Azerbaijan for now.


MattHoppe1 t1_ir56fl5 wrote

They’re the bad guys in season 2 of law and order organized crime


Fuzakenaideyo t1_ir6mo6f wrote

there's a documentary series called "The Shield" dealing with corrupt cops in CA, one of the seasons deals extensively with the Armenian mob


Inquisitive_idiot t1_ir80nnd wrote

First and only rule of Armenian Mob:

  • Don’t talk about Armenian Mob 😑